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The Blue Collar Success Group is pleased to share  a powerhouse podcast where unstoppable energy, inspiring stories, and expert coaching unite to help forge the service business of your dreams. Welcome to Ladies Kickin’ Ass, a podcast hosted by the fiery  Tanya Wilson, who shares tips on mastering business that anyone can benefit from.

As a full time mom and entrepreneur, Tanya shares tips and strategies on how to remain  inspired through it all!  Tune in for an empowering journey filled with fun, fabulous, success stories of incredible women who are shattering ceilings everywhere! Ignite your potential and kick some serious ass together!

A Note from Tanya: Why The Blue Collar Success Group®?

Dear Blue Collar Members,

Here at ‘Ladies Kickin’ Ass,’ we’re passionately committed to empowering entrepreneurs in the home service industry with the tools they need to not just survive but excel. This relentless commitment is precisely why we chose Blue Collar Success Group as our partner. What truly stood out about Blue Collar is their robust emphasis on continuous, industry-specific training—a crucial aspect that many in our industry unfortunately overlook due to perceived costs. However, Blue Collar recognizes, as do we, that skimping on training isn’t saving—it’s actually costing businesses more in the long run through lost opportunities and diminished customer satisfaction.

Blue Collar’s approach perfectly aligns with our philosophy: Training is an investment, not an expense. Furthermore, we both value the immense importance of building a supportive community where we can learn from and grow with each other, ensuring that none of us has to navigate the challenges of business or life alone.

Together, we share real-world experiences and lessons from the trades to bring not only knowledge and inspiration but also practical, tactical teachings to all home service companies. This partnership will undoubtedly increase exposure, boost customer confidence, enhance team experiences, and lead to outstanding business outcomes. I am thrilled to collaborate with a partner who understands the power of proper training and shares our vision of turning industry challenges into opportunities for growth and community engagement.

– Tanya Wilson, Host of Ladies Kickin’ Ass

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About Tanya Wilson

Tanya Wilson is the dynamic Owner and CEO of Priority Pumping, a prominent septic and commercial wastewater management company in Gilbert, AZ. With over 15 years of experience, Tanya has launched three successful septic businesses in the Phoenix Metro area. She loves to educate homeowners and real estate professionals on septic system upkeep and operation. 

Leading with commitment, Tanya and her team at Priority Pumping are active community supporters and advocates for their industry, often engaging in charitable activities. She champions the evolution of industry standards and practices, emphasizing the power of collective efforts to enhance regulations. 

A notable figure in the sector, Tanya serves on the Education Board with NAWT. She has been a featured speaker at prestigious events such as the WETT Show and the NOWARA conference, where she shares her expertise in strategic business planning, cultivating a positive workplace culture, and safeguarding business reputation—an asset she passionately promotes. Her leadership excellence has earned her recognition as one of Phoenix’s Top 100 CEOs by TITAN 100 in 2022 and 2023. 

Tanya is also the trailblazing founder and voice behind Ladies Kickin Ass—an online platform and podcast dedicated to empowering women in the home service and trades industries to embrace their authentic selves and thrive professionally and personally. Her initiatives provide a vibrant community for mentorship, education, and networking, offering women the opportunity to share their entrepreneurial journeys and life stories. 

Rooted in her Wyoming origins, Tanya is a true country girl. She shares her life with her husband Jake, who is also part of Priority Pumping, her children Ayzli and Cash, and stepchildren Peytan, Carter, and Caleb. Tanya lives for mountain retreats, shopping trips with her daughter, golf rounds with her son, and exploring new breweries and music events with her hubby. Tanya grew up in a blue-collar family. She is passionate about elevating the trades as a fantastic niche industry for young adults as a career choice and a way to build a wildly successful business; no college degree required!

The Blue Collar Success Group® Testimonials

“As an owner of an HVAC/plumbing company, I’ve attended many training seminars and this one was easily the best ever. I brought a couple of people from my team and I feel it was life-changing for them. Kenny, Chris and Kelly are great at painting a picture, at keeping you engaged and at challenging you to be the best version of yourself. Thanks a lot guys!”
Jason Henderson
“Kenny, Chris and all the amazing people that make up the BCSG team really know how to make you and your team fell supported. All their tools, trainings, events, etc. are practical and really pivot your company to stand out from your competitors. If you haven’t made time to learn more about The Blue Collar Success Group… YOU SHOULD!”
CPI Plumbing & Heating
“The Blue Collar Success Group is a great option for any business that is looking for help with training. They do a great job, very helpful and are passionate about helping businesses succeed!”
Tony Blanca
“Always fabulous content as it pertains to running our business as well as getting personal development. Just a great team of individuals who really care about making ourselves and our business better. Thank you.”
Joe Gerolami