Coaching is not one-size fits all...

Does the perfect business exist with owners and managers who do everything correctly and always operate at maximum profitability? NO. The moment you think coaching isn’t important for you and your company is the moment you stop growing. Top performers utilize coaches, period, regardless of profession. Bill Gates is a huge proponent of ongoing coaching, as are the most successful business leaders. Athletes, performers, and celebrities all have multiple experts helping them reach their potential and make more money…and we can help you do the same!

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Interested in Customized One-on-One Coaching?

At The Blue Collar Success Group, our award-winning coaches know the in-home service industry like nobody else, and specialize in helping you uncover blind spots and maximize growth opportunities.  

Our coaching is

completely customizable.

No two companies are the same, so why would we approach coaching like they are? Whether you need accountability, want an onsite, need financial coaching, or are looking for high-level advice on any aspect of your business, we can design something just for you. Over the phone, online, or in-person, we’ve got you covered.

Our coaches are

award winning.

All our coaches have owned extremely successful in-home service companies and now have the desire to give back and help you “cut the curve” to success. They each have unique knowledge and experience, and we pair you with the coach who is right for you.

Our coaches have the perspective

you are lacking.

The truth is, owners and managers are so close to the company, it’s hard to know what to do in certain situations. Real advice coming from real industry experts who have been in your shoes is priceless; there’s comfort in knowing you aren’t doing this alone.

Your coach will help you

focus on what's important.

There are always opportunities and to-do lists, but when you prioritize the correct things, you will see a very real financial difference. Stop spinning your wheels and let your coach help you figure out where you should be spending your time and energy.

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Our coaching is built

for lasting results.

A good coach can improve your short-term performance, but a great coach helps you achieve more than you ever thought possible. Your coach will draw out the best of your vision, challenge your limiting beliefs, and help you finally get to the next level, and then the next, and then the next….

Meet Our Coaches

Kenny Chapman

Founder, The Blue Collar Success Group

Chris Crew

Coaching and Development Director

Tom Hartnett

Business Coach and Trainer


Blue Collar by far provides the best quality content for any business owner to relate too and implement with ease. Their coaches have real life experience to share with members that we can take back to our businesses and get live results. If you are looking for a best practice group that feels like family and provides you with attainable ideas and systems, you wont regret it!

Marcus Piwonski
Hoover Electric


"EXCELLENT. This training didn't contain "Aha" moments.. it was one! Utterly Fantastic group of people that create a motivating and mind-blowing experience. There is absolutely NO way you could walk away from this course without taking what you learned and running with it. I am so IMPRESSED and look forward to the changes I will make to better my company and of course to more Blue Collar Success Group! Bravo!"

Michelle Brown
Comfort Now


I have had relationships with several business coaches. Blue Collar Success Group is by far the best organization in actually being involved in my company's success. Every member of the staff is genuinely involved in helping us be the best we can be. No fluff, no egos. Do the work and the results come alive. Thank you... My business will be forever thankful!

Howie Metz
Quality First Plumbing & Heating

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