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The Blue Collar Success Group’s award-winning coaches know the in-home services industry – electrical, plumbing and HVAC – like no other.

And high-level coaching is among the array of offerings already bundled into our Growth, Freedom, and Empire memberships!

Whether it’s one-on-one or group coaching, let’s help you uncover the blind spots within your business and send your sales soaring.

Onsite Coaching:

We Bring the Class to You!

You want to grow your business, but can’t commit days to drive or fly to a workshop. Maybe you can’t accurately convey what needs to change in your company without a coach experiencing for themselves. That’s why The Blue Collar Success Group offers onsite training and coaching for your team – we bring the classroom to you.

A third-party evaluation of areas where daily potential profits are falling through the cracks is the best move you can make for your business. Ask about our Instant Impact Onsite and look at a quick breakdown of how it works here:

  • We pair you with the best coach for your company with a no-strings-attached initial consultation
  • After details are solidified, discuss strategy and daily schedule via several coaching calls
  • Your coach works directly with you during the onsite, guided through a proven process of discovery, planning and implementation
  • You receive a 90-day follow-up accountability plan and maintain contact with your coach
Award Winning

Why should I invest in a

Blue Collar Coach?

  • Training is completely customizable
  • Our coaches are award-winning
  • We have the third-party perspective you’re lacking
  • We help you focus on what’s important
  • Produces results that are built to last

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Our Growth membership is a good stepping stone for businesses getting started, but there are several plans available specifically tailored to your business needs. Schedule a call with our experts, who will determine the training and coaching to best fit your unique situation and start succeeding today!