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It’s two energetic, productive workshop days with your fellow Members and a few chosen VIPs. The goal is to accelerate your success through focusing on high-level discussions, learning and strategic planning. It’s an intimate environment, geared toward your professional and personal growth!

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Celebrate Our 10th Anniversary!

Get Ready for Acceleration Days!

It’s two energetic, productive workshop days spent on high-level discussions, learning and strategic planning — all with your fellow members. It’s an intimate environment, where the goal is to accelerate your success, with content focused on your professional and personal growth. 

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About Acceleration Days Workshop

Join us for our Acceleration Days Workshop and walk away with direct input from industry thought leaders on how best to navigate the highs and lows of owning a home service company. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals in the perfect setting to share your ideas and struggles. Walk away stronger and more confident in overcoming challenges that will only build your business stronger and more successful in the long run.


The Details

When: October 7 – 8, 2021

Cutoff Date to Register: September 24th

Investment: $1297 Now $997 for 2 tickets

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Meet Our Speakers

Kenny Chapman

Founder, The Blue Collar Success Group

Chris Crew

President, The Blue Collar Success Group

Stephen Christopher

Stephen Christopher

Founder, Wit Digital

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A-Days Highlights

October 7th – 8th, 2021

Day 1 – October 7th, 2021

7:30 AM – 8:00 AM ET

Event Check In

8:00 AM ET

Event Begins – Join Blue Collar in Celebrating 10 Years!

Sponsored by Wit Digital!

Opening Keynote
With Guest Speaker,
Stephen Christopher

An Expert Review of Blue Collar Member Websites

In this session, Wit Digital founder Stephen Christopher joins Chris and Kenny on stage to review real Blue Collar member websites. You’ll learn what makes great websites convert, place higher in search results, and keep customers’ attention. We will get to as many sites as we can. Want your website reviewed by Stephen? Email [email protected]

Sponsored by Al Purmort Insurance!

With Kenny Chapman

Vulnerable Leadership: How Building Trust Within Your Company Leads to Sustainable Growth

In Kenny’s session, he will help you understand the critical importance of becoming a vulnerable leader and walk you through the steps involved in developing this skill. In the past, most leaders have held the belief that they need to “have it all figured out” and avoid making mistakes out of fear of perceived weakness. As the world progresses, however, current and prospective team members actually value a leader who isn’t afraid to be transparent, communicate relentlessly, listen to feedback, and shed the façade of perfection. Kenny will give you the keys to building trust through transparency in your company, techniques for leading sustainable growth, and a heightened awareness of why it’s so urgent to become a vulnerable leader.

Sponsored by ServiceTitan!


Accountability or Bust – Part 1

What holds us back from holding our team accountable? Denise will dig into a framework for holding your team accountable for results and unveil several new tools and resources you have at your fingertips, designed to make holding people accountable easier than ever before. Accountability is a key component of a winning culture.

Special Announcement!

New Tools, Resources, and More!

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM ET

Cocktail Reception

Sponsored by Dynamic Air Qaulity Solutions and NOVO Water!

Day 2 – October 8th, 2021

8:00 AM ET

Event Begins

Sponsored by Sunlight Financial!

With Chris Crew

Challenging the Status Quo and Growing Into Your Greatness

In this session, Chris will use lessons from the industry’s past and present to help you uncover your advantage. You will discover what growth means to you and your business. Chris will help you find clarity regarding your growth path and help you reflect upon your internal and external standards and personal satisfaction levels.

With Dyanmic air Quality Systems and NOVO Water

The Healthy Home


Accountability or Bust – Part 2

Processes and Procedures is a critical component to accountability. Once your business is running on systems and processes, you no longer have to dread conversations with your team about accountability. Denise will continue her review from Day 1 to build a culture of accountability in your business. Processes = Profits!

5:00 PM ET

Event Ends – Enjoy Sunny Sarasota!

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Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Chris Crew


Chris joined The Blue Collar Success Group in early 2018 as a success coach, and has since offered extensive knowledge about every facet of the in-home services – pricing, planning, budgeting marketing, recruiting, training, and showing clients how they can transform their businesses into revenue generators. His journey through the industry began at age 16 as an apprentice electrician and, after just eight months, was promoted to lead technician. It was the tipping point for what would be his vast resume as a successful owner, supervisor and business coach.

Chris in 2005 joined a residential electrical company in Atlanta, and was quickly promoted to a supervisor responsible for 18 trucks and producing more than $4 million in revenue. He moved to Sarasota, Fla. in 2008 and served as a business coach for a large electrical company helping franchisees achieve success, like the “Million Dollar Award” he won in Georgia for producing $1.4 million in revenue. Chris, from 2010 to 2012, coached various plumbing, electrical and HVAC businesses for the franchisor and eventually oversaw the coaching team for more than 90 locations nationwide.

He then shifted to owning an electrical business, growing the company in a four-year span from 10 trucks to 60, five locations and generating $18 million. Chris ultimately sold his shares of the company to join The Blue Collar Success Group.

Stephen Christopher

Founder, Wit Digital

Stephen Christopher is the founder of Wit Digital, a web marketing firm designed to help home service business owners achieve results they never thought possible. Before starting Wit Digital, Stephen started and ran several other award winning businesses. One of which was a mortgage company from 2004-2008. With the crash of the mortgage industry in 2008, he learned what it’s like to go from profitable to over $100,000 in debt overnight. From this failure he learned more about business than any school or program could ever teach. Since then he has become an avid student of personal and business development and his number one focus is helping businesses thrive. The primary platform Stephen uses to add extreme value to businesses is the online strategy and service that his agency, Wit Digital, provides.

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