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If you feel like your sales team isn’t maximizing their bigger-ticket replacement sales opportunities, regardless of trade, you’re absolutely right! Here’s the good news: NOW you can fix that problem with the focused, proven methods that are expertly presented in Sales Specialist Academy!

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What is Sales Specialist Academy?

It’s a three-day live school, where we provide a collaborative, interactive and safe environment for big-ticket superstars focusing on high-level solutions — and those require a different conversation than a standard service call.

Whether your business is structured around selling techs or advisers, this class is a MUST if you’re tired of missing out on money because your team members don’t have the systems and skills necessary to close more big-ticket sales.

This academy is designed to dramatically improve close rates and increase average tickets — guaranteed. Here’s your chance to stop allowing thousands of dollars per week to be left on the table!

What Topics

Will be Covered?

Here’s just a sample of the upcoming agenda:

  • How to Stand Out from the Competition and WIN the Sale
  • How to Structure Sales Presentations that Improve Closing Rates
  • Why Big-Ticket Items Require a More Creative Approach
  • Eliminating the “Stop, Drop, and Go” Sales Approach
  • Preventing and Overcoming Big-Ticket Related Objections
  • How to Build and Utilize an “Education Book” to Enhance Presentations
  • Generating Lucrative Referrals and Reviews
  • Specific Customer Connection Methods

Click Below for a Sample Academy Clip and See What’s Being Said About Sales Specialist Academy:

Big-Ticket Sales Challenges:

Can You Relate?

Stop struggling with:

  • Inconsistent or Low Conversion Rates
  • Inaccurate and/or Misunderstood Reporting
  • Salespeople being “Afraid” to ask for Big-Ticket Items
  • Divided Focus/Feeling like There’s “Not Enough Time In The Day” to Accomplish Everything and Still Grow
  • Recruiting the Best People, Interviewing, On-Boarding, and Training
  • Salespeople Failing to Properly Educate and Connect with Clients

Start selling more big-ticket items and close more deals now! Stop showing up for a call, failing to close and leaving a price quote behind!

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BONUS #1: Two – Pay

We know the service business better than anyone and understand how important cashflow is to your success. Even though it might be a busy season, you always want to protect cash. Why not spread out your investment while simultaneously getting the return??? We want to reward action-takers who understand the importance of continuous training. We are so confident in the results you will get, we are willing to be the bank and let you pay as you profit!

BONUS #2: Our “Blow Your Mind” Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarnantee

This means there’s absolutely no risk. Everything we do at The Blue Collar Success Group is backed by our 100% “Blow Your Mind” Guarantee.

Meet Our Award-Winning Trainers

Chris Crew

Recognized as a top performer at every level and possessing a passion to help others, Chris has trained hundreds of front-line employees from office staff to field personnel using his charismatic style of delivery, presenting powerful information in a way that helps people feel confident in themselves and the process. He most recently helped to build an electrical business from 10 trucks and 1 location to over 60 trucks and 5 locations producing $18M in revenue in just 4 years.

Richie DeRuvo

Richie got his foot in the door in the HVAC world in 2010, beginning his career on the financial and office management side of the trade and eventually working his way up to General Manager. During his time as an operator, Richie gained experience training across all departments, including call takers, comfort advisors, and service technicians.

Jeremy Self

Jeremy began his career in the in-home service trades in 2003 and quickly became one of the youngest, top-producing high-ticket salespeople in the country. Jeremy has held numerous high-level positions, including Sales Manager and General Manager. When it comes to creating exceptional results, Jeremy has been involved in all aspects, from training, to coaching, to managing, to building successful systems.

James Casterline

James is an accomplished business operator with over 24 years of experience in the home services industry. James’s wealth of experience in the trades includes overseeing HVAC, plumbing, and electrical operations in the capacity of Operations Manager, General Manager, and business owner.

Callen Kusmick

Callen Kusmik was “born in the trades.” He committed early on to his family’s HVAC and plumbing business, with experience and training in all aspects of the the industry. Part of what makes Callen an outstanding trainer is his dedication to personal and professional growth, resulting in many industry-specific certifications and licenses.

Chris Cline

Chris remembers spending much of his childhood in a plumbing truck, learning pipe sizes and materials from his dad. Chris joined the family plumbing business, then went on to other roles in plumbing and HVAC that include: Plumber, Facility Technician, Maintenance Supervisor, Direct Manager, and Chief Operating Officer.

Frequently Asked Questions

This training is designed for both new and existing team members. You can use it to help get new team members up to speed lighting quick as well as effectively eliminating and replacing some of the bad habits longer tenured salespeople have picked up over the years.

The short amount of time that you cannot defer or miss some revenue, you will far more than make up afterwards through higher closing rates and higher average tickets. This is an investment that will keep giving! This Academy pays you to send your team to training.

Yes, absolutely. To hold your team accountable to the training processes and strategies, as well as maximize your investment, it’s important for your manager(s) to fully understand the content and delivery so they can coach your salespeople effectively long after the training is completed.

Most attendees see incredibly improved results immediately upon returning to the field. Their new energized process that has been skill-practiced at the Academy is designed to pay back your investment ASAP and quickly turn every call into more profit moving forward!

ABSOLUTELY! Everything we do at Blue Collar is guaranteed! And, this special offer falls under our Blue Collar 100% “Blow Your Mind” Guarantee. We know this training will work so well for you, we are willing to offer a complete refund if you aren’t 100% ecstatic about the results you experience. You have absolutely zero risk!

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