For Owners & Managers

Your plan can come to life when it’s guided by a process that works. Thoughts and ideas are great, but they need to be executed in an easy-to-follow blueprint.

There are 4 key pieces to a successful business plan:

  1. Budget
  2. Training Plan
  3. Team Member Plan
  4. Marketing Plan


These points must be thought out to ensure that they’re not just a dream. Saying you want to grow revenue by 30% and increase profits by 10% is only a destination. A business plan tells you what must take place to arrive there. Take the first step!

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Reserves Up to 2 Seats Per Company

Ideal attendees include but are not limited to the owner, general manager, accounting manager, or any key manager responsible for driving revenue, planning or managing cost. Any attendee must be a team member of the company (no sub-contractors or vendors of any sort).

Budgeting 101

We’ll bring tools and coaching that will make your next year your best year yet!

Join Blue Collar for this three-day workshop to help you dig through your historical numbers and challenge your thinking and performance. It’s how you’ll build a plan that you will use to achieve the success you and your team deserve. No more guessing games of just adding 30% to the top line and calling it good. Attend this workshop and leave with your blueprint, along with specific strategies to make your plan become reality.

We will supply you with our Blue Collar Budget model, so you can input your numbers while present in the classroom. This workshop-style class will provide you with the needed tools, resources and confidence to have a record-breaking year!

Expect a fun interactive-style workshop with thought-provoking coaches who have the knowledge and industry experience to propel you to the next level of success.

Take Charge of Your Future

Successfully Arrive at
Your Destination

  • Your Budget tells you the revenue, expenses, and profit that you will produce by month. Revenue is produced simply by marketing for and servicing clients. The Key Performance Numbers determine how profitable you will be as you and your team provide service. The first interaction with a client happens on the phone, therefore it becomes a part of your budget to identify what booking percentage you will need to perform at to achieve the needed service calls for your field staff. Each Key Performance Number in the business is factored into building your budget.
  • Your Training Plan provides you with the needed direction and support to achieve the Key Performance Numbers needed to achieve your budget.
  • Not having enough clients to visit will cause a miss in a Key Performance Number and this can be difficult to make up for in performance alone. Know when and where to spend your money to generate clients with requests for service, repairs, and replacements. A Marketing Plan answers these questions and generating phone calls becomes more predictable instead of relying only on weather or events to generate phone calls. A marketing plan is the fuel for your business to cross the finish line at or ahead of your budget.
  • Not having enough team members can lead to a lack of performance and a miss of your budgeted numbers. Not enough work force = potentially overworked team members and lower performance. Know how many team members you will need by month, and it never becomes a surprise. Get out in front of your recruiting efforts with a Team Member Plan.

How It Works

Your Budget Building Options

We have 3 budget templates to choose from depending on the level of detail you want to see for your business.

Ideal for 1-2 Truck Operations

The Standard Budget

A simplified version that includes top line revenue with KPIs to track by month, and expenses are broken into 2 categories.

Great for 3+ Trucks/Tracking Monthly Performance

The Advanced Budget

A 2.0 budget template that expands on the simplified version by breaking COGS into separate categories, and breaks expenses into multiple categories with additional views to help you manage monthly performance against budget.

Designed for Companies with Seperate Service and Sales/Install Departments

The Integrated Budget

A 3.0 budget template that expands on the 2.0 version to include service agreement visits, along with separate KPIs and expenses for your service department separate from your sales and install department.

Our “Blow Your Mind” Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarnantee

This means there’s absolutely no risk. Everything we do at The Blue Collar Success Group is backed by our 100% “Blow Your Mind” Guarantee.

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