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Great managers are created from this results-improving training unlike anything currently offered across the industry. It’s intense, value-packed and your managers will leave with the skills to finally accomplish company goals, improve culture and recruit new talent like never before!

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What’s Covered?

Here’s just a sample of the upcoming agenda:

  • How to “Stress Less” and Accomplish More Each Day
  • The Six Dimensions of Management C.H.A.N.G.E.
  • Mastering their Daily Management Plan
  • Turning “Missed” Opportunities Into Sales
  • Managing “Difficult” and High-Maintenance Team Members
  • The 5 Core Principles that Strengthen Teamwork
  • Expert Insider Tech Training Tips and Strategies for Maximum Buy-In
  • Management Strategies for Aligning Company Objectives with Tasks and Projects
  • Increasing Sales by Strategically Managing Benchmarks and Company Standards
  • Impactful Reporting and Documentation Strategies
  • Specific Benchmarks for Holding Team Members Accountable to Higher Standards
  • Recruiting and Retention Techniques: Identifying Ideal Candidates and Keeping Them Motivated
  • How to Start Managing the RIGHT Things: Those Which Really Move the Business Forward
  • Procedural Improvements from Paperwork to Better Structuring Offers
  • Creative Coaching Processes for Developing New Habits

Click Below for a Sample Academy Clip and See What’s Being Said About Management Growth Academy:

Management Challenges

Can You Relate?

  • Do YOU struggle with this?
  • Holding Team Members Accountable
  • Inaccurate and/or Misunderstood Reporting
  • Unclear Standards, Systems, and Procedures
  • Divided Focus/Feeling like There’s “Not Enough Time In The Day” to Accomplish Everything and Still GROW
  • Recruiting the BEST People, Interviewing, On-Boarding and Training
  • Sending the Right Tech to the Right Call

Finally, you can utilize Management Growth Academy to reduce stress, and implement the smooth-running systems and procedures you’ve always wanted!

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We know the service business better than anyone and understand how important cashflow is to your success. Even though it might be a busy season, you always want to protect cash. Why not spread out your investment while simultaneously getting the return??? We want to reward action-takers who understand the importance of continuous training. We are so confident in the results you will get, we are willing to be the bank and let you pay as you profit!

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This means there’s absolutely no risk. Everything we do at The Blue Collar Success Group is backed by our 100% “Blow Your Mind” Guarantee.

Meet Our Award-Winning Trainers

Kenny Chapman

Award-winning trainer and best-selling author Kenny Chapman has influenced thousands of technicians and business leaders in the in-home service industry to realize their potential. A contractor at heart, Kenny has a passion for helping people work smarter, build confidence, overcome limiting beliefs, and learn the skills they need to achieve their goals. Nobody leaves Kenny’s training sessions without a clear plan and renewed excitement to make positive changes.

Chris Crew

Recognized as a top performer at every level and possessing a passion to help others, Chris has trained hundreds of front-line employees from office staff to field personnel using his charismatic style of delivery, presenting powerful information in a way that helps people feel confident in themselves and the process. He most recently helped to build an electrical business from 10 trucks and 1 location to over 60 trucks and 5 locations producing $18M in revenue in just 4 years.

Jeremy Self

Jeremy began his career in the in-home service industry in 2003 and quickly became one of the youngest top-producing high-ticket salespeople in the United States by 2005. Jeremy has held virtually every high-level position in an in-home service company, including sales manager and general manager. When it comes to creating exceptional results in this industry, he has been involved in all aspects, from training, to coaching, to managing, as well as building systems that ensure sustainable positive results.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this training is specifically designed for both new AND experienced managers. We understand a lot of managers were technicians first and hold on to limiting habits and beliefs whether they are brand new to management or have been managing people for 20 years or more. Most companies will also benefit from sending the same manager through the Academy multiple times as they continue to learn and develop their personal management style.

The short amount of time that you will have to “cover” for them will be far more than worth your investment of time. They come back fired up, with new leadership techniques, better time management, and strategic coaching skills to leverage every single call your entire team is involved in. This is an investment that will keep returning exponential results for you and your company!

Managers are some of the quickest implementers in the industry. Because of this, you will no doubt see incredibly improved results immediately upon their return. They will come back with new mindsets and skills, as well as a direct plan of attack for creating massive improvements in the team and tasks they manage.

No, this Academy is designed to create effective management skills and improved results regardless of department. Every department manager’s results impact the business either positively or negatively, and that’s why we built our training to elevate the abilities of all your company’s managers, whatever their specific skills. Time management, people management, and efficiency management all tie together within the business to accomplish overall company goals.

ABSOLUTELY! Everything we do at Blue Collar is guaranteed! And, this special offer falls under our Blue Collar 100% “Blow Your Mind” Guarantee. We know this training will work so well for you, we are willing to offer a complete refund if you aren’t 100% ecstatic about the results you experience. You have absolutely zero risk!

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