Training at its Most Comprehensive:

The Blue Collar Selling System®

Training Classes Available for Members and Non-members!

Even the savviest business owners can find themselves challenged when it comes to the “how” of realizing their goals. The good news is we already have the answer, and so do you. It’s your team.


The Blue Collar Success Group® has created the Blue Collar Selling System®, a series of Academies, both virtual and in-person, designed to skill up all of your team’s roles. Each class is valuable enough to be a stand-alone training session, but when utilized together,  they create the most comprehensive training system for home service companies out there.  Whether or not you’re. a BC member, you can watch your path to success accelerate with classes from our ever-growing lineup.



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For Service & Selling Techs

Professional Tech Academy® can increase your average ticket by MORE THAN 50% and give your technicians the tools to sell more than you ever imagined. This is your ultimate solution to generating more sales, more customers and rave reviews!

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For Big-Ticket Salespeople & Selling Techs

If you feel like your team isn’t maximizing their big-ticket replacement sales opportunities, regardless of trade, you’re absolutely right! Here’s the good news: NOW you can fix that problem with focused, proven methods that are expertly presented in Sales Specialist Academy!

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For Owners & Key Managers

Great managers are created from this results-improving training unlike anything currently offered across the industry. It’s intense, value-packed and your managers will leave with the skills to finally accomplish company goals, improve culture and recruit new talent like never before!

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For Call Takers

It’s the most profitable department in your entire business. But most companies don’t even realize it or devote the attention necessary to grow this revenue-generating part of the service business. Whether your office team members are already great or they need serious help, this training will equip them with the crucial skills they need to take your office to the next level.

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For Outbound Callers

Here is what you can expect from this class:

  • Discover the hidden gold that lies inside of your business.
  • Learn what to call on, when to make the calls, and how to maximize your current customer data base.
  • Dig into the framework of an outbound call.


At the end of this course, students will be equipped to be a Rockstar at outbounding for $$$.

This includes three 4-hour live instructor-led sessions across 3 days with a downloadable workbook on the date and time specified. Delivered in a manner that will not only engage but excite your team, this is a must for every service business.

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For Dispatch Callers

Here is what you can expect from this class:

  • Discover what dispatching for profits truly means.
  • Learn what communication touch points your dispatcher should have with your customers and with your technicians and what those communications should sound like.
  • How to properly debrief your technicians so that things don’t slip through the cracks.


At the end of this course, students will be equipped to be a Rockstar at dispatching.

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For Owners & Managers

Build your future business now!

Growing is not just simply adding 30% to the top line. You need a plan! During this workshop, you will be led by a certified Blue Collar Coach in a workshop-style class.

Here is what you will leave with:

  • Your plan on how many calls you need
  • What KPIs your team needs to achieve to hit budget
  • How to manage your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • How to recognize what your expenses should be based on your revenue
  • An understanding of how resources work together to help hit your revenue goal
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Call by Call Clinic


(Held Only Once Per Year)

Drive higher sales, profits, and customer service, all from your cell phone.

 Visiting a client and serving them at the highest level is the main objective of any owner, general manager, service manager, or sales manager, and the exchange is higher revenue and profits. Maximizing every call without compromising customer service is a reality in your business with this class. This class will equip you to do the following:
1. Fill any gaps you have with less skilled technicians/salespeople
2. Be an influencer for every call on your call board 
3. Ensure that your company standards are being met
4. Drastically increase your field closing rate
5. Skyrocket your average tickets.
6. Maximize every call with coaching and accountability

After attending this clinic you will have discovered:  

  • Who call by call management is for.
  • The right plan to implement this as a tool and resource to help your team achieve better results by being everywhere all of the time.
  • How to create more time to perform other revenue generating activities.
  • Specific scripting to teach your team how to ensure that you are making the most out of every opportunity and supercharge your customer service.
  • How to drive higher sales and profits without needing to hire a team of only “rockstars!”

The most talented technicians are looking for a competitive advantage to increase their skills so they can win.  Unfortunately, that can take time. Help them shorten the process, and by doing so you will win as well! 

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(Held Only Once Per Year)

For Owners / Managers

Learn the 6 keys to making Service Agreements Successful for you!

The Blue Collar Success Group®’s Service Agreement Success™ ensures a win/win for both service providers and homeowners. There’s no need to shy away from service agreements any longer. Instead, embrace their power to transform your business and watch your path to success accelerate!  

Who is this workshop for? Our dynamic Service Agreement Success class is tailored for owners/ Managers of Residential HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing services companies. Whether you’re already offering service agreements or just considering it, this class is a must-attend to gain the clarity and confidence you need to succeed.

After completing the class, you’ll know how to:

  • Build It– We help you design a tailored service agreement program for you and your team.
  • Price It– Uncover the formula for pricing your agreement effectively.
  • Sell It– Learn the success formula to achieve service agreement conversion rates above the industry average.
  • Service It– Understand why this aspect often breaks down and what you can do to maintain success.
  • Renew It– Discover why renewals are as crucial as sign-ups and how to avoid losing money.
  • Account for It– Master the art of maintaining positive cash flow and ensuring service agreements don’t drain your resources.


Remember the old saying, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago”?  Well, the next best time is now.  Now is your time to achieve service agreement success!

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