The Power Of A Post

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The Power of a Post: How rave online reviews can grow your business!

At the end of the day, providing a solid product and service is the only way to get repeat clients. But you already knew that. In addition to providing great service, getting rave reviews from clients adds a huge boost to your company credibility and the credibility of your staff.

As businesses utilize more tools to enhance communication, they find greater success in expanding a customer base of people seeking quality products and services. And you can provide that service and increase profits – the crucial pieces for growing your business – by encouraging more clients to write online reviews about the world-class experience offered by your team members! Here are a few ways reviews significantly help market your company and unlock money you didn’t even know existed!

1. Reviews build trust.

As consumers, we look at reviews as a way to determine if a business is legitimate or not. If we see positive reviews, it’s a good sign that the company is trustworthy. If we see negative reviews, we often think twice about trusting that company. Online reviews add to the credibility of a business, especially when those reviews come from a respected source like Yelp or Google. When clients have an excellent experience with your service, they feel compelled to leave a review, not only to tell others about their experience, but also because they want to share that positive experience with other people who might need your services in the future. 

2. Reviews help you generate more leads.

Equally important, the reviews themselves can generate more business for you. The easiest  way to get more reviews is to ask your current clients for them. At The Blue Collar Success Group we offer training for technicians and sales people on the process of asking for the review. If you are really good at what you do, your clients will happily provide you with glowing testimonials and send you traffic you can use to profitably grow your business. How often should you ask your clients for reviews? As often as possible! The more clients you have raving about you, the more credibility you will have and the more clients will be sent to you. But don’t just ask your clients for 5-star reviews. Ask them for referrals to other people who might need your services. 

3. Reviews help you build relationships with your customers.

Reviews also help you build relationships with your clients. Because they’re easy to get and are free, it’s always a smart idea to get as many as you can. 

They help you build a reputation that clients will remember. And when you get a review, your client will feel valued and appreciated. The more clients you get reviews from, the more likely they are to refer you to other people in their situation.

4. Reviews help you build your brand.

Reviews are a great way to build your brand. When people talk about you, your brand gets mentioned. People who are thinking about hiring you to do work for them will likely check out your website, read your blog or watch one of your videos to learn more about you. And once they do that, they may well look up your reviews to see what others think of you. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely they are to hire you. You can use this to your advantage. The more reviews you get, the better you can use them to build your brand.

5. Automate the review process.

Use technology to your advantage by automating the review process for your clients. Once you have completed your service, inform the client that they will receive a text or email with a review link. Ask for them to go ahead and give you a 5 star review by clicking on the link the receive. There are several automated review apps available like Podium and  Birdeye

According to MarketSharp – 92% of people read online reviews before contacting a service company. They also reported online reviews influence 68% of their buying decisions. With those odds it doesn’t make sense not to ask for reviews every time from every client.

When people are looking for a service provider, they look for reviews. They want to know what other people think about a particular service provider. And, they want to know that others have had success using that service provider. They want to know that others have been helped by the service provider. They want to know that the service provider can be trusted. And, they want to know that the service provider has a reputation for providing quality services. 

Of course there are tons of resources to help with all of that at The Blue Collar Success Group

The Power Of A Post!