Successful Plumbing Company Tactics: Systems Vs Fixes

plumbing wrench and pipe - successful plumbing companyLet me guess, the daily occurrence of your plumbing business is constant repairs, and then more repairs. If you would like to expand your company beyond fixes to bring in the kind of revenue you need to be profitable, take this next piece of advice. Stop being a repair company, and become a systems company. Gaining the momentum to become a successful plumbing company is much more difficult when you’re only fixing things that are broken. These three tips will help your company transition to a systems company.



Successful Plumbing Company Tactics: Systems Vs. Fixes


Systems-focused companies are well-acquainted with the different plumbing systems such as: drainage, water, and sewage systems. They provide services based on the health of those systems and look for potential opportunities. Systems-focused plumbers anticipate problems before they become a major issue. Here’s how:


Perform Effective Inspections

plumbing inspections - successful plumbing company

Effective inspections are key to becoming a successful plumbing company because if the inspection is not done correctly to find the problem, it will not only cost you, but the homeowner. It’s important to build long-term relationships with customers, and that starts with building trust. Repeat customers are important to your business. Increasing customer retention by only 5 percent can lead to an increase in profits of between 25 and 95 percent. (Small Business Trends)

Thorough inspections help to establish and build trust, and also lead to finding issues beyond the quick fix the customer can see. If an inspection is not done effectively, a problem could be missed, and that can end up costing the homeowner a lot of money.

To complete an effective inspection: Check water filtration systems, complete inspections of the storage water tank or tankless water heater, and use a plumbing video camera for underground sanitary drains and sewer pipes. Also, check for cracks and misalignments that can lead to future drain blockage or collapse. 



Know How to Test the Water Quality For Water Treatments test water quality

An important part of your business is to test water quality to provide customers clean, healthy water. Especially in rural areas, all kinds of impurities, gases, and dust can be found in the water. 

When the water quality is not at optimal levels, it’s important to recommend systems to customers such as water filtration systems, plumbing maintenance, water softeners, etc. These systems help your customers and your bottom line.



Run Camera Inspections on Drain Lines To Find Issues That Can Arise in the Future pipes - successful plumbing company

Cameras show and monitor the health of drains and sewage systems. Cameras save time because they’re less invasive. Plus, they find the cause of the problem faster. This allows you to anticipate a problem and work ahead of it. Working ahead of the problem saves customers time and money, and gives them peace of mind. This helps to create customer loyalty. It also surfaces those repairs that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. You don’t get calls for hidden repairs, and that’s why becoming a systems company is so beneficial.



A struggling plumbing company and a successful plumbing company often differ in what services they offer, how well-trained their technicians are, and how their organization operates. To provide the best customer service you need to anticipate problems before they happen. When you bring inspections, plumbing maintenance, treatments and product upsells into your company, your profit margins are likely to look healthier.


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