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Clarity begins with knowing what you really want and who you must become in order to have achieve your professional and personal goals. The top contractors in the world are always looking for new ways to create exceptional results. They continuously feed their minds with the best tools, information, and inspiration available. They have a different way of thinking that guides their actions and helps them follow through. They succeed because they remain hungry, driven, and focused on becoming their very best.

At The Blue Collar Success Group, we want to help you on that path to success. Our exclusive business coaching programs and various eBooks give you the tools you need to unlock your home service company's full potential. Ready to get started? Browse our selection of eBooks below!

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  • Automatic Selling Tech

    Never before have we faced so many challenges with face-to-face sales for In-Home Service Companies. The days of the most technically proficient tech winning the sale, the maintenance plan, and online review are long gone.

    Join award-winning consultant, trainer and now best-selling author, Kenny Chapman, as he shares his personal system for creating $1MM+ Selling Techs, converting "non" selling techs into superstars, and helping everyone understand how selling truly is serving.

    Kenny will share his BRAND NEW 4-Step Framework that communicates the process of the Ultimate Service Call like techs have never been able to understand before. Come and learn why some clients are now paying Kenny over $10k per month to help them grow their companies!

    $1995 – Single Pay / $549 – Four Pay Option

  • In Home Sales Acceleration

    Book cover on In-Home Sales Acceleration

    Get your copy of Kenny Chapman's latest book, In-Home Sales Acceleration: How to Create Raving Fans, Increase Sales, and Improve your Online Reputation in 30 Days or Less.

    Want to learn a simple way to achieve success? In-Home Sales Acceleration teaches you how to become the best salesperson you can be by talking through how you can deliver the “Ultimate Client Experience.” Take control and enhance your skills by learning ways to increase revenue, and keep clients for life. Kenny Chapman will help guide you on how to break through the barriers that are holding you back!

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  • The Six Week Breakthrough For Contractors

    Image of the Six Week Breakthrough Material

    How to Explode Your Profits and Freedom - FAST!

    1. My 5 Simple Success Strategies will help you develop your vision and build the perfect plan so you know without a doubt you are creating the business you’ve always wanted.

    2. Discover the #1 secret technique which identifies your ideal customer with ease, so you can easily reach, attract and convert him (or her) into a “customer for life”… which means more $$$$ for you.

    3. How to convert more prospects into customers and sell them add-on services at a whole new level with just 3 simple adjustments to what you’re already doing.

    4. Take my proven “WOW The Customer” system and create raving fans for you and your team which means more referrals and more money.

    THE Revolutionary, Proven System for Contractors! Learn how to grow your business, become a better leader, make more money and work less, with... The Six Week Breakthrough for Contractors!

    Instant Access $197

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  • The Most Powerful Selling Secret Ever

    Most Powerful Selling Secret Ever Set

    The Most Powerful Selling Secret Ever! incorporates Kenny’s years of sales experience in multiple businesses with a powerful system to exponentially increase your income and sales skills. From conquering fears to overcoming objections, Kenny provides innovative strategies to create an unstoppable competitive advantage in your industry. This program is designed for salespeople, managers, and business owners in sales and service-based companies in any trade.

    Compact Disk Set $97

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  • Unleash Your Greatest Life Now

    Unleash Your Greatest Life Now Set

    In this transformational 21-day program, you will come to deeply understand the three most critical relationships in your life: with yourself, with others, and with finances. These impact every aspect of your life, and imbalances can lead to negativity and unhappiness. Discover how to revamp your relationships so that they are positively serving your life, rather than causing unnecessary stress.

    Discover how to become the person you want to be…starting with the person you are today.
    - Let go of your problems.
    - Dramatically change your financial reality.
    - Find new passion and purpose in your life and career.
    - Understand the power of gratitude.
    - Develop more fulfilling relationships.
    - Learn how an “abundance mindset” can increase your success and wealth.
    - Find freedom through forgiveness.
    - Uncover the secrets to living an exceptional life.

    You don’t have to continue to struggle with yourself, other people, or your finances any longer! If you aren’t happy RIGHT NOW, only you have the power to change it. Start by taking action today.

    Compact Disk Set with Study Guide $197

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  • The Secrets of Winners

    Kenny Chapman's The Secret of Winners

    In this live, recorded keynote speech, international motivational speaker Kenny Chapman explains how to focus on the things that really matter in order to make a positive impact on your company, job, and personal life.Kenny shares practical examples regarding how money management, training, accountability, and systematization can be used simultaneously to help create the freedom in your life to achieve your dreams. There are certain things that winners understand about succeeding in life, and Kenny describes how to use those strategies to help you accomplish more than you ever imagined.

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  • The Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E.

    The Six Dimensions of Change Book photo

    The Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E. is a complete system for creating a positive change in any aspect of your life. Identify an area where you feel stuck or unhappy, apply the Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E., and watch your dreams become real. Stop settling for anything less than what you truly want!

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