Sales Specialist Academy – Spring 2021

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Whether your business is structured around selling techs or advisers, this class is a MUST if you are tired of missing out on huge sales because your salespeople don’t have (or aren’t using) the systems and skills necessary to close more big-ticket sales.

This Academy is designed to dramatically improve close rates and increase average tickets, guaranteed. STOP allowing 1,000’s of $$$’s per week to be left on the table…


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If you feel like your team isn’t maximizing their bigger-ticket replacement sales opportunities (regardless of trade), you’re absolutely right!

The good news is: NOW you can stop this insanity from happening with the focused, proven methods that are expertly presented in Sales Specialist Academy!

Explore our different class formats below:

Fundamentals and How To’s

Full Experience

Here is what you can expect from this class:
Here is what you can expect from this class:
  • The 2 types of decision making that clients use during a purchase.
  • How to properly set an agenda.
  • When is the right time to close.
  • What is really important in the sales process.
  • How to create solution based options that are tailored to the client.
  • The process and scripting of the 10 Steps to a “Sales Champion”.
  • Everything from the Fundamentals and How To’s will be also covered in this class.
  • Eliminating the “Stop, Drop, and Go” sales approach.
  • A clear understanding of needs versus wants.
  • Learn how to build a solution for the client based on their specific needs and wants.
  • How to set the 5 trip wires that must be set on every sales call.
  • The professional way to handle objections without being pushy, including “I’m getting 3 estimates”.
  • How to build rapport that creates a relationship and foundation of trust.
  • How to build and utilize an “Education Book” to enhance presentations.
  • How to teach the client without overwhelming them.
  • The real follow up process of any unclosed sales.
  • How to become a referral machine.

At the end of this course, students will have the knowledge to close more sales, at higher average tickets.

This is a 4 hour instructor-led course with a downloadable workbook. Delivered in a manner that will not only engage but excite your team.

At the end of this course, students will have the tools and knowledge to stop burning through leads while generating higher revenue per lead.

In this class we teach the 10 Steps to a Sales Champion which is a step by step process with purpose and intent of creating high levels of customer service. The class will come with a downloadable workbook. Delivered in a manner that will not only engage but excite your team, this is a must for every service business.

This virtual class is (3) 5 hour days with breaks, and includes role play and interaction with the instructor and other students.

After determining which class format you’d like, choose the payment plan and date/location that works best for your business.

Feel free to add multiple seats from different payment plans or dates all in the same shopping cart.

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Class Format

Fundamentals (1 day), Full Experience (3 days)

Event Date and Location?

March 18th (Virtual) 10am – 2pm ET, April 13th – 15th (Virtual) 10am – 3pm ET Each Day

Payment Plan

Single Pay (This is a one-time payment), Two-Pay, Three-Pay


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