Management Growth Academy Live

It’s a management-focused school, where we provide a collaborative, interactive, safe environment for service managers to break through limiting beliefs, strengthen their leadership skills, and learn how to simultaneously manage systems and effectively lead their team members.

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Great managers are created from this results-improving training that this industry has never seen before.

It’s intense, it’s value-packed, and your managers will leave with the right skills to finally accomplish company goals, improve culture and recruit new talent like never before!

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Full Experience

Here is what you can expect from this class:
  • How to identify your culture.
  • The power of a belief system.
  • How to build effective processes.
  • How to become a better coach to your team.
  • Learn the 5 core principles and how they increase teamwork.
  • Becoming more impactful with accountability.
  • Learn how standards impact performance.
  • Time Management, get more time and become more effective.
  • How to become a better recruiter.
  • The most powerful interview techniques to hire top performers.
  • How to create an onboarding experience for your new team members to make them raving fans.
  • Evaluate why team members stay happy.

At the end of this course, students will;

  • Possess the knowledge to create the most profitable team within the company through tactical strategies.
  • Have proven formulas that have been used to build multi-million dollar service companies.
  • Be provided tools to become a better leader to their team.

After determining which class format you’d like, choose the payment plan and date/location that works best for your business.

Feel free to add multiple seats from different payment plans or dates all in the same shopping cart.

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