Blue Collar Success Laws (2022) (paperback)




As a business owner, are you working countless hours for minimal profit while sacrificing health, family, and quality free time? These Blue Collar Success Laws will show you how to take control of your business and massively improve your quality of life.

Award-winning author, speaker, and contractor-turned-coach Kenny Chapman shares his proven leadership methodology for creating a high-performing, self-managing business. With these easy-to-implement strategies, you will learn:

  • How Kenny went from broke and in the truck to taking a six-month vacation while the business thrived.
  • How well-intended leaders subconsciously sabotage themselves and their results.
  • The one shift in thinking that will make the biggest difference immediately.
  • The process of turning your worst problem into a unique advantage.
  • How to do more of what you truly enjoy and delegate the rest.
  • How the first hour of your day is probably keeping you from achieving your goals.

Free yourself from the daily grind and put the Blue Collar Success Laws to work today.

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