Accountability & Results Coaching

$297.00 / month



Accountability and Results Coaching Provides Front Line Team Members With:

  • A KPI sheet to track and measure performance.
  • (2) 30 minute KPI review sessions with a Blue Collar Coach per month. (The KPI sheet is to be completed by the Manager of the team member and submitted to the dedicated Blue Collar Coach two days prior to each coaching session.)
  • Specific strategies and action items to improve performance.


  • Must have access to the online academy training that coincides with the team member role; Professional Tech Academy, Sales Specialist Academy, Office Champions Academy, or Management Growth Academy.
  • Ability for team member to join coaching sessions through video conference as needed.

The manager of the team member receiving the coaching is welcome to sit in on the coaching sessions. A follow up email outlining strategies and action items for the team member will be sent to the team member and the manager.

*This is a month to month program and can be cancelled with 30 days written notice after completing a minimum of 3 months of coaching.