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Service Sales Success School Online is a great tool. We completed it Friday last week and decided to revisit it every 6 months. It motivated the techs to the point that now we have training 4 days a week, they asked for it. It is an awesome tool, thank you!

Nissim M.
Pros 360 Performance Contractor, Inc.


We just started Kenny Chapman’s Instant Meeting Maker training, and his instant service meetings are phenomenal! All the techs really like his down-to-earth sales approach. These meetings have also encouraged management to push a more customer relationship approach, instead of a Sale! Sale! Sale! push, which techs hate, anyway… It truly is all about relationships and building trust, thanks Kenny Chapman! Since going through your training my closing rate has jumped to over 90%!

Neil G.
Aloha Aire


My favorite part of the school was seeing our A/C guys learn some structured sales techniques for the first time. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Service Sales Success School to others, thanks for everything Kenny!

Lindsey Frank
Milton Frank Plumbing Heating and Cooling

The Six Dimension of C.H.A.N.G.E.

A Simple Guide to Getting What You Want

Here’s a sample from the book’s foreword by best-selling author Tolly Burkan: “The Six Dimensions of CH.A.N.G.E. offers simple tools that will transform you. It contains many elements of a workbook; rather than merely providing you with good ideas, Kenny involves you in a self-development workshop designed to bring you exactly what you’ve been seeking…”

Topics Covered Include:

  • How to stop settling for less than you desire and deserve.
  • Identifying habits that are robbing you of potential income and happiness.
  • Developing a practical game plan for achieving your goals.
  • How to get “un-stuck” and move forward with massive momentum.


Kenny’s first book, The Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E., is a complete system for creating a positive change in any aspect of your life or business. Identify an area where you feel lost or unhappy, apply the Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E., and get ready for your dreams to become reality!

The Six Week Breakthrough

This program, personally created and presented by our founder, Kenny Chapman, is designed to help service business owners and high-level managers improve their company’s overall profitability and effectiveness in just six weeks. Each week covers a different aspect of running the business: leadership, planning, structure/processes, system creation, sales, and marketing/advertising.

The comprehensive approach is based on the formula Kenny used to build and systematize his in-home service company to provide him the personal freedom to travel and help others create the companies of their dreams. Just a few of the strategies you’ll have access to in this program include:

  • How to convert more prospects into lifetime customers with just three simple adjustments to what you’re already doing.
  • Kenny’s five Simple Success Strategies that will help you develop your vision and create your personal execution plan for creating the business you’ve always wanted.
  • Discovering what’s missing in your sales system (and how to correct it).

This is THE revolutionary, proven system for exponentially growing an in-home service contracting business, regardless of current size or market. Become a better leader and start making more money while working less with The Six Week Breakthrough!

The Most Powerful Selling Secret Ever!

The Most Powerful Selling Secret Ever! incorporates Kenny’s years of sales experience in multiple businesses with a powerful system to exponentially increase your income and sales skills. From conquering fears to overcoming objections, Kenny provides innovative strategies to create an unstoppable competitive advantage in your industry. This program is designed for salespeople, managers, and business owners in sales and service-based companies in any trade.

Unleash Your Greatest Life Now!

In this transformational 21-day program, you will come to deeply understand the three most critical relationships in your life: with yourself, with others, and with finances. These impact every aspect of your life, and imbalances can lead to negativity and unhappiness. Discover how to revamp your relationships so that they are positively serving your life, rather than causing unnecessary stress.

  • Discover how to become the person you want to be…starting with the person you are today.
  • Let go of your problems.
  • Dramatically change your financial reality.
  • Find new passion and purpose in your life and career.
  • Understand the power of gratitude.
  • Develop more fulfilling relationships.
  • Learn how an “abundance mindset” can increase your success and wealth.
  • Find freedom through forgiveness.
  • Uncover the secrets to living an exceptional life.

You don’t have to continue to struggle with yourself, other people, or your finances any longer! If you aren’t happy RIGHT NOW, only you have the power to change it. Start by taking action today.

In-Home Sales Acceleration

How to Create Raving Fans, Increase Sales, and Improve Your Online Reputation in 30 Days or Less

**#1 Amazon best-seller, and best-selling book in four business categories in the US and Australia**

Kenny wrote this book specifically for in-home service professionals, based on proven techniques from his own experience running a multi-million-dollar plumbing/HVAC company, as well as knowledge gained as an award-winning industry consultant.

Topics Covered Include:

  • How owners, managers, and selling technicians can provide The Ultimate Client Experience, while maximizing sales opportunities and gaining quality reviews.
  • The 30-day In-Home Sales Acceleration Challenge, a daily tracking and accountability tool designed to help technicians and salespeople increase their sales and dramatically improve their results in 30 days or less.
  • How to structure the call, ask the right questions, and overcome objections to increase conversion rates and average tickets.
  • Methods for strategic value delivery that will help keep customers for life.


Whether you are purchasing this book for training ideas, or ordering multiples to give to your techs and salespeople, In-Home Sales Acceleration contains the tools you need to boost your sales and improve the quality of service you are providing to your clients.

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Includes your Manager’s Guide to Ride-Alongs and 2 Instant Meeting Maker Tech Training Videos:

-5 Tips for Mobile Presentation

-4 Types of Closing Techniques