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The Titanium Club is a space for forward-thinking home services entrepreneurs and leaders to connect, be inspired, and discover the best ways to succeed.

It’s so much more than a group of people who pay their monthly dues and attend a few meetings. Titanium members are growth-oriented, passionate about their lives and businesses, and enjoy sharing successes (and failures) with their peers.

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Providing the Ongoing Business Coaching & Support You Need

At the Blue Collar Success Group, we figure, why try to do everything on your own when you don’t have to? Why wonder if something will work in your business, when you can ask the opinions of your successful peers who’ve had years of experience dealing with the same things? That’s how the Titanium Club started—out of the need for a deeper level of connections, clarity, and growth (both professional and personal) within the home services industry. We limit the group size so that every member receives the maximum impact and personalized attention they desire.

The Titanium Club is really a support system, a safe environment, a place to bounce ideas around and brainstorm your next move. You can strategize, ask for advice, give advice, feel supported, and be able to talk openly about your struggles while sharing the excitement of your accomplishments. You have access not only to relevant sales and marketing resources, but also to industry experts and top-notch peers. The relationships built and information communicated is priceless; it’s hard to truly understand the power of the Titanium Club until you are on the “inside.”

What You Get

As a Titanium Club member, you’ll have access to an invaluable community of passionate business professionals, as well as an array of helpful tools and resources to boost your sales, enhance your marketing, and improve your business and your life.

Titanium Club members receive:

  • All Essential Club benefits and resources
  • Titanium-only sales and marketing tools
  • Two day live Acceleration Days workshops with peers twice annually
  • Weekly interactive group strategy and accountability calls
  • Private online workshops every month

Above all, the Titanium Club is about community. As a member, you’ll gain access to experienced peers who can help you through current challenges and share what’s working right now. Are you ready for a higher level of profit, lifestyle, and relationships? Apply for the Titanium Club today, Membership is limited!

Titanium Plus Membership-TM

If you are looking for the highest-impact, most personalized membership available in the in-home service industry, you’ve found it: Titanium Plus. We designed Titanium Plus for progressive business owners who are looking for access to our entire library of resources and events, while being able to customize their membership and receive consistent personal coaching. It’s designed to grow your business at a rate you never thought possible, guaranteed. In addition to everything that’s included in the regular Titanium membership, you will also receive:

-Two private coaching sessions per month with one of our award-winning coaches

This membership level WILL take your business to the next level; it’s completely focused on the  actions YOU can take to succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals, stress less, and attain true personal and financial freedom.

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Titanium Club?

Contact The Blue Collar Success Group at (866) 897-7099 or click the button below to learn more about our Titanium Membership or other programs.


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