The Titanium Plus Club

Benefit from One-On-One Small Business Coaching

For those individuals who want all the benefits of our Titanium Club and then some, The Blue Collar Success Group is proud to offer the Titanium Plus Club. Members enjoy everything included in our Essential and Titanium Clubs, plus exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions twice a month with one of our certified Blue Collar Success coaches. Titanium Plus members also receive a higher level of customization on everything from discounted packages to on-site tech training so you can equip your unique business with everything it needs to succeed.

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Why Become a Titanium Plus Member?

Much like our Titanium Club, Titanium Plus offers members a chance to connect with a community of like-minded business owners and home service industry professionals. As a member, you’ll be able to share your successes (and failures!) with people in similar positions—and learn from them as well. Titanium Plus is for those individuals who are ready to grow professionally and personally, want to develop relationships with other industry leaders, and are looking for innovative ideas and valuable connections.

What do you get as a Titanium Plus member?

  • All benefits given to both Essential and Titanium Club members
  • Customized discounted packages for your specific needs
  • Completely customizable on-site tech training and ride-along programs
  • Completely customizable inside operations on-site coaching
  • In-depth, high-level leadership coaching and strategy
  • Unlimited access to Service Sales School Online (our two-day tech training program)

Titanium Plus members also have access to exclusive, one-on-one coaching sessions with a certified Blue Collar Success Coach twice a month, regularly scheduled visits, consulting with our CEO, and more.

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Are you ready to grow your business beyond what you ever thought possible? Do you want to see your vision brought to life, learn from your peers, and join a community of industry leaders and innovators? Contact us about your interest in the Titanium Plus Club today! We’re ready to give you all the tools and resources you need to take your business to that next level—all you have to do is get started.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • The Blue Collar Success Group We get great feedback from our managers and technicians and experience a boost in our sales that more than pays for our investment.