Essential Membership-TM

How It Will Help

At The Blue Collar Success Group, we believe that the synergy between sales and marketing is crucial to the success of home service companies. Without the effective interaction of the two, it’s virtually impossible for a business to reach its full potential. That’s a scary thought—but exciting at the same time because we’re here to help you with everything you need to know about successful sales and marketing. After years of research and development, we’ve packaged our resources together in one place to offer a low-cost, high-impact club for members of our industry.

With the Essential Club, you receive all the tools you need to:

  • Optimize every customer interaction, resulting in higher conversion rates and average tickets
  • Professionally train your technicians for consistently improving sales numbers
  • Minimize your daily stress/time spent trying to figure out how to motivate your team
  • Create systems in your business that will allow more free time for you and more efficient structure for your employees
  • Be “in the know” about the latest sales and marketing tactics; we’re constantly updating and adding new information for our members
  • Save huge amounts of time and money with our done-for-you resources

As an Essential member, you’ll have access to exclusive tools and information to help grow your business. We provide everything you need in a convenient, online format so you can boost your business on a schedule that works for you.

Boost Your Success with Ongoing Small Business Coaching

If you’re looking for the right tools and resources to take your home service company to the elusive “next level,” you’re in the right place. The Blue Collar Success Group’s Essential Club membership programs include everything you need to train your techs, increase your average ticket, and develop a marketing powerhouse for just $6.48 a day ($197/month). The Essential Club is full of unique online training tools to improve your team’s performance and boost your success. We utilize proven sales and marketing strategies to help you increase the number of customers you currently have, increase your average ticket amount, and increase the number of transactions per customer.

What You Get

Check out some of the tools and information you’ll gain access to as an Essential member!

  • Online technician training videos for your team: 75 Instant Meeting Maker videos (each 20-30 min. long) designed to provide professional training for your techs! New, relevant videos are always being added, and we even take topic requests.
  • Live online workshops, Q&As, and seminars
  • Trainer the Trainer Course
  • Blue Collar Breakeven Calculator
  • Profit Producer
  • KPI Scorecard
  • Service Business Plan Generator, Step 1: 12-Month Training Plan Team Member Evaluation
  • Service Business Plan Generator, Step 2: Budget Plan
  • Service Business Plan Generator, Step 3: Team Member Plan
  • Service Business Plan Generator, Step 4: Marketing Plan
  • Primary Personal Purpose
  • Primary Company Purpose
  • Primary Values
  • Income Statement Financial Benchmarking Tool
  • Manager’s Guide to Ride-Alongs
  • Access to coach/mentors (Closed Facebook Groups)
  • Exclusive member discounts and early registration for our live events
Essential Plus Membership-TM

The Essential Plus membership is designed as a solution for the diverse needs of our clients. This level is for in-home service business owners who aren’t quite ready for our Titanium Membership, but have the desire to grow their companies and would like more personal interaction with our coaches than the Essential Membership offers. In addition to everything that is included with Essential, you will also receive :

– Two group coaching sessions per month with one of our award-winning coaches

This membership is based on your needs as a whole, so contact us today to determine which option is best for you.


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