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At The Blue Collar Success Group, our goal is to help home service business owners and professionals succeed. Our comprehensive business coaching programs focus on the integration of sales and marketing, proven strategies, and innovative ideas. We firmly believe that the more information you have, the better able you are to make decisions about your home service company. With this in mind, we are proud to offer a number of free resources for business owners and professionals. Browse our resources to find the information, tools, and materials you need to start on the path towards greater success.

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  • 30-Day Challenge: Sales Reflection Journal

    12 Step Ultimate Client Experience Poster

    The 30-Day In-Home Sales Acceleration Challenge is a powerful tool designed to help technicians and salespeople take their results to the next level in 30 days or less. This download includes complete instructions and printable journal pages to track sales progress and increase momentum, based on providing The Ultimate Client Experience (which is fully taught in the In-Home Sales Acceleration book and Service Sales Success School Online).

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  • 12 Step Ultimate Client Experience Poster

    12 Step Ultimate Client Experience Poster

    Use this poster as a supplement and visual reminder of the 12 Step process that is the foundation of The In-Home Sales Acceleration book, Service Sales Success School and Service Sales Success School Online. This poster is designed as a teaching and coaching aide for you and your team.

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  • Contractor Growth Report

    Contractor Growth Report

    Contained in this special Contractor Growth Report is an exclusive interview Kenny did with the owner of our case study company. See how you can learn from his path, mistakes, and challenges as you grow your own company to the levels you desire.

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  • 7 Keys To Making More and Working Less…

    7 Keys to making more and working less

    In this report, you’ll learn how to alter your strategies and direction in order to start seeing the results you desire. The “Seven Keys” outline some fundamental concepts that (regardless of business size) will truly help to amplify your success.

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  • Instant Meeting Planner

    Instant Meeting Planner Download

    Training meetings should never be left to chance. The time you dedicate to training is too valuable not to take seriously the planning of each meeting. This tool helps guide you through a simple yet intentional planning process for running an effective training meeting. This tool is a supplement to Instant Meeting Maker, yet works well for any meeting content.

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  • Service Manager Coaching Webinar

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