Four Ways to Champion Your Follow-up With Customers

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Your in-home service business’ budget shapes the pathway toward growth, whether you’re aiming to add a truck to a small fleet or have aggressive goals such as hiring 20 technicians this year. Success requires time and money, which is why maximizing your company’s profits is imperative to achieving expansion and financial freedom. That means your sales team, from advisors on an appliance showroom floor to technicians in the field, needs to provide stellar customer service that generates leads and effectively closes deals – including follow-up conversations with clients.

Customer follow-ups, whether those occur over the phone, via email, social media or in-person at their home, are key to closing sales on offerings ranging from new air conditioners and water heaters to must-have services. Those conversations typically take place following a client’s initial interaction with technician or salesperson and are based on the positive experience your business provided. It’s a chance to check-in with the customer, gauge their satisfaction with your services, get a rave review, and probably close a big-ticket deal during the call.

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Follow-ups are a way your in-home service business can potentially generate thousands of dollars weekly, and plenty of effective strategies are available to close customer interactions with ease. Our Sales Specialist Academy, one of several premier live events The Blue Collar Success Group offers alongside life-changing memberships with personalized coaching, delves into this topic extensively and has helped companies industrywide achieve unimaginable growth. Your business can be the next success story by registering today and, in the meantime, deploying these four simple tips to champion customer follow-ups!

Customers deserve courtesy and respect

In-home service businesses are part of an industry driven by customer experiences. Your salespeople and technicians should treat everyone with respect while conducting follow-up conversations, whether it’s with a client who received service a day ago or a potential lead referred to your company by another customer.

Feedback: We listen...

Follow-ups require genuine interaction and are a discovery mission to learn your lead’s pain points, wants, and more. Your customers are seeking industry advice that you can provide to make their lives easier, so it’s a prime opportunity to guide them toward the services or appliances they may not even know are needed!

Fast follow-ups with your clients

Your company’s time is valuable, but your customers are busy, too. That’s why your salespeople and technicians need to utilize precision when following up with a client via social media, phone call, text message, email or in-person. It’s a quick interaction that Forbes recommends should occur within 24 to 48 hours after initial contact with a customer.

Your follow-up doesn’t need a long introduction – actually, the opposite. Get to the heart of a customer’s opinion about your service or how you can lead them toward a sale. They’ll appreciate a quick check-in, including brief, genuine answers that save everyone time.  

Meet your customers regularly in their inbox

Follow-ups can occur in a variety of forms – and that includes resourceful content. Customers are, ultimately, partners in your business because they invest in the menu of services offered. Content, such as infographics, article links and more sent regularly via email to a list of clients allows your company to stay relevant.

The resources you disseminate should resonate and have value with your customers, whether it’s a how-to video to fix your water heater or a link to summer energy saving tips. Customized content shows your company cares – and it’s another avenue inviting clients to check out your sought-after services or deals.

Generate more revenue through referrals

A high-quality customer experience plays a key role in rapid business growth for an array of reasons, including the creation of satisfied clients who are comfortable referring their friends to your company. Clients gave your business the stamp of approval, and now it’s time to conduct a follow-up with the lead they’ve given you.

Your technicians and salespeople should welcome referrals – and remind customers, if they weren’t already aware! It’s another lead to a potential deal you can close. And, of course, that’s more money toward your business’ growth!