Crafting a quality customer service experience your office staff needs to be outstanding


Customer service is a cornerstone of the in-home service industry, whether it’s a plumbing, heating and air conditioning, or electrical business. Your company’s call takers and dispatchers typically serve as the first point of contact for new and frequent clients seeking your expert advice or looking to buy the high-end appliances you provide. And, believe it or not, the first few seconds of that call can make or break a relationship with the customer and cost your business money you can’t afford to lose!

Your call takers and dispatchers are the heartbeat of your in-home service business – and their vital responsibilities involve more than simply answering a phone or placing a customer on a brief hold. By providing a world-class phone experience, actively listening to clients’ concerns, and closing calls like premier professionals, office team members can generate more sales, rave reviews via social media and eventually be the catalyst behind your company’s expansion. Check out our Office Champions Academy, the Blue Collar live event designed for call takers and dispatchers unlike anything offered industry-wide, and you’ll notice we teach a master class to help your staff soar to unprecedented success.

You can change your office team members’ mindsets by registering for our life-changing courses. However, there are plenty of impactful tips to work with your team members and their approach to customer service before you attend our award-winning Blue Collar live events. Don’t wait, there are plenty of simple tactics to help your call takers and dispatchers provide your clients with excellent help!

Avoid difficult conversations with clear communication

Clear communication, from your phrasing to voice tone, is key within the customer service process your company provides. Clarity determines the smoothness of dialogue between office staff and the customer – and arguably reduces the time allotted to remedy an issue with a client or close a sale. Positive words and an upbeat attitude certainly help the customer feel like your business’ call takers care, and that’s key in an industry built on providing high-quality home service to people from all walks of life.


Your office team members’ styles should be simple and avoid cynical or passive-aggressive speech. Don’t use technical terms and slang that only your technicians or industry insiders understand. Your customers are calling you because they need a problem solved, so don’t complicate their journey to find the answer!

Your customers aren’t just a number

Customers who inquire about your services are regular people and deserve to be treated as more than just a number regardless of your call volume. That’s the case, whether you’re a family-owned business or national in-home service company. Quality service matters, from a phone call to an email, and your customers need to be greeted with a genuine conversation from your office team members.

Your customers don’t want a formal letter or a lengthy explanation. According to Forbes’ list of 13 customer service tips for startups published in July 2020, considering your clients as “partners” in your business is a key mindset to effectively solve their problems. And, if you want to convert those impactful interactions into rave reviews, note your customers’ personal preferences and interests to create positive conversations when they call again!

Dare to provide detail-oriented service

Keep your company’s standards high and realize it’s not a race to resolve a problem. Your call takers and dispatchers need to discover the root of the customer’s issue and sometimes it takes time. Thorough information gathering and attention to detail are imperative in understanding a client’s problem, and many times that’s accomplished through active listening and detailed notes put on their account.


Sometimes information needs to be passed along to another team member, depending on the client’s inquiry. If so, it’s very important to give your team members all the details the client shared, so they can best provide service and pick up exactly where you left off. Generate another satisfied customer by taking time to understand the client’s needs and they’ll want to use your services again!

Champion closing a conversation

You’ve provided solid advice, empathetic responses and recorded detailed notes. What’s next? Similar to securing a sale, call takers and dispatchers need to close a conversation.

It’s an added layer of effective service that allows a customer to address any additional concerns or express they’ve had a satisfying experience. Call takers and dispatchers can do this by politely asking the client if they’ve remedied the situation, prior to sharing their appreciation for choosing your in-home service company as a go-to source.

Ignite a renewed mindset among your office staff members, regardless of whether they’re already exceptional call takers or could use a refresher course on customer service. Why not provide an incredible experience that leaves you with phenomenal reviews? It’s free advertising to generate more money and growth within your business today!

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