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Every now and then, true “game changers” come into an industry. Fortunately for you, Kenny Chapman is one of those influential people who has helped thousands of clients within the home service industry improve their lives and businesses.

Even though Kenny has so much “industry” knowledge, his true gift is maximizing individual performance and potential. From his humble beginnings, to networking with and being mentored by billionaires in his own coaching groups, Kenny has mastered uncovering, unlocking, and unleashing next level capabilities from within another person.

Join him for this very limited availability Strategic Growth Intensive where Kenny will use his proven tools and processes to take you on an all-day journey to your next level. Kenny has a gift that he is now using to help real implementors experience real life-changing results.

This is a completely personalized process from the very beginning with the pre-work. Kenny has carefully handcrafted an 81-question Strategic Growth Profile which will give him the insights necessary to prepare for this incredible custom Intensive that is all about YOU.  You’ll leave the day with a new excitement for your business, as well as a clear understanding of your direction and action items when you return home.

If you’re ready (we mean really ready) for massive change and controlling your destiny, happiness, and finances, contact us to qualify for one of Kenny’s custom one-on-one Strategic Growth Intensives. 

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