Acceleration Days Workshop

2 1/2-Days In-Person Workshop (Orlando, FL)


Day 1

The Revenue Diagnostic

Whose bottom line doesn’t need a tune-up?  Blue Collar takes you under the hood to look at call volume, team performance, budget goals, sales processes, and more. Find out which parts are connecting, and which may need an upgrade as we delve into KPIs, what effects call volume, and more.  Learn how BC tools and the four pillars can put you back in the driver’s seat.

Lunch & Learn Panel

Eat, drink, and spend time with experts from various fields to gain the edge on what’s new.  Got questions?  They’ll be here to answer and help you customize results for your unique business.

Marketing Mechanics 

Well-oiled machines are just born, they’re built.  In this session, learn how to build a marketing machine that will take you exactly where you want to go.  Become a master at the mechanics of “fix it” vs. “fast it” by learning exactly where you are in the marketplace, what opportunity it presents, and how to own it through branding, digital marketing, social media, etc.

Day 2

How We Navigate One Road is How We Navigate All Roads 

It’s not the route you take but how you drive that gets you where you’re going.  Learn how to handle every turn with consistency and confidence.  In this session, we’ll discuss and workshop the importance of paying constant attention to the key drivers of performance, how dispatching, field performance, tech lead generation, Call by Call coaching, and across-the-board-training all connect.

Building a Winning Pit Crew

You can’t win the race without your pit crew, but how do you get them to champion-level performance?  Learn and workshop with us how to identify each department’s KPIs (they may not be what you think they are) and how to train and tool your way to a win.

Member Panel: 

Turbocharging Your Execution 

What good is a gassed-up Ferrari if it sits in the driveway?  In this session, we will ignite your passion and fuel your knowledge with the systems and strategies for implementing trainings and processes.  The BC tool chest of resources will be on hand to help you maximize.   

Day 3

Driving Your Goals Across the Finish Line with Kenny Chapman 

Join Kenny to embark on a transformative journey to help drive your goals over the finish line.  Dive deep into The Connection Method, a groundbreaking approach that bridges the gap between mere aspirations and tangible achievements. 

This isn’t just another session about setting goals. It’s about lasting behavior change and understanding the core dynamics behind habits that set the stage for lifelong success. Learn how to harness powerful self-leverage strategies, ensuring that even during challenging times, your momentum remains unbreakable.

Discover the power of identity evolution, aligning who you believe you are with the authenticity of your aspirations, and magnify your impact by unlocking the secrets to inspire and guide others to exceed their ambitions.

Unearth the art of behavior triggers, mastering techniques that propel you forward while discerning between the mere chatter of thoughts and the true essence of actionable insight. Delve deep into your internal motivational realm, understanding its profound connection to your goals.

Navigate the nuanced relationship between your “why” – the heart and soul of your aspirations, and the “how” – the roadmap to its realization. Say goodbye to half-hearted “shoulds” as Kenny reveals potent techniques to transform them into non-negotiable “musts.”

To cap it all, learn the two pivotal questions that stand as gatekeepers between you and your goal’s fruition, questions that bring clarity, purpose, and an actionable path forward.  Your goals are waiting. Master the art of achieving them!

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Oct 30 2023 - Nov 01 2023


8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Orlando, FL
Orlando, FL
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