When The Ones You Love Create Resistance Between You and Your Goal

One of the things all of my successful clients have in common is the ability to overcome resistance when striving for their goals. Okay, I’ll back up for a second and say the first thing all of my successful clients have in common is that they HAVE GOALS!!! They have priorities daily and they are not victims of time.

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When it comes to overcoming resistance, one of the biggest factors that must be present is that one trait I speak about a lot…yep, you guessed it…CONFIDENCE! When you begin improving your life at a whole new level (regardless of your current level, resistance begins showing up everywhere.)

YOU must prevail. It’s your life, nobody else’s. It’s your dream, nobody else’s. I’m blessed to get to spend time with some of the most successful In-Home Service Company owners on the planet and they all protect their confidence.

Headwinds and resistance show up in many different ways and capacities. Resistance comes from friends. Resistance comes from family. Resistance comes from team members. Resistance comes from other managers.

But the biggest challenge for resistance shows up in the form of significant others…

“My wife isn’t on the same page…”


“My husband wants to take too much risk…”


“My significant other and I just aren’t on the same page…”


If you have resistance in this capacity, stop everything and focus on fixing this relationship in your life. Sure this might be a business blog in theory but my primary purpose is the help improve the lives of others while learning and growing every day and it’s my responsibility (from my OWN experience) that if this relationship isn’t supportive, you will never accomplish your true potential.

Been there, done that, bought that T-shirt.

I’m not advocating the big “D” word here, rather I’m advocating fixing your closest relationships but at the same time sharing, communicating, and protecting your dreams.

When resistance is present, it doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong path, it simply means you must become more to accomplish what you desire.


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