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Peak performance is something I’ve committed my career to studying and understanding. There is some simple reasoning between why some people struggle all the time while others continue to move their lives in the direction of their goals and dreams. Though most of you follow my blog because I speak about business strategies a lot, this week I want to challenge you when it comes to how you handle discipline in your life.

We all think the most successful people are incredibly disciplined. The way some people produce results is amazing and we automatically seem to jump to a conclusion that they have incredible discipline or they would not be able to get so many things done, right?


Discipline is a fallacy we’ve been taught our entire lives. I thought I needed discipline when I joined the Unites States Army as a lost and troubled young man. I thought I needed discipline when I decided to make a life change and become a non-smoker many years ago. I thought I needed discipline in order to stick to a healthy nutrition and fitness plan.


One of my greatest mentors, Dan Sullivan, likes to say that we are all 100% disciplined to the current habits in our lives. Not only are we disciplined to them, the truth is that habits always feel natural. Regardless of whether they serve you at the highest level, or tear you apart from the inside out, habits always feel natural. This is one of the deceiving things about habits.

If we are 100% disciplined to our current habits, (which we clearly are), then we must really zero in and focus on what our habits are doing for us, or how certain ones could be holding us back from our greatest life and business. I didn’t need discipline in the Army, I needed a new set of habits. I didn’t need discipline to quit smoking, I needed a more productive habit.

The same is true in your own life and business. There are certain things you’re beating yourself up for rather than letting go, learning from, and creating new habits. Perhaps you want to be a different type of leader that is more effective and this new level means no longer yelling at your team. If you slip up and return to the “old you” and call someone out, simply catch yourself as quickly as possible and become conscious that this is no longer how you operate. Be easy with yourself in the process.

Brain technologies are no different than email or vehicle navigation systems to me. I might not understand exactly HOW certain things work. However, I don’t need to know the how in order to get the benefit from the results!

Life and business are about progress, not perfection. Once you realize you can take control of your habits, you’ll be on a path of results improvement like nothing you’ve ever experienced.


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