How a Multiplier Mindset Changes Everything

There are many factors that go into the recipe that yields ongoing consistent growth in both your leadership abilities as well as how well your company functions. We all measure “Return on Investment” in various ways and most common is tied to bottom line vs. investment costs. There are many other investments we make in our companies that are far beyond the checkbook and those become a bit more elusive to measure.

Now that I’m coming off of back to back weeks again of intense training I want to share a few thoughts on multiplying your company. Two weeks ago we hosted our Titanium Clients at our Acceleration Workshop. These are smaller, intimate type workshops where we dive in deeper to areas of the business that have the best potential for explosive growth.

One of the things I see in complete commonality with all of our clients experiencing multiplying growth has to do with their mindset and how they see this industry as a whole. If your perception is that this is a difficult business, there is not enough skilled labor, no one is coming into the trades anymore, and the bulk of the future of our industry will be served by Google and Amazon….then you’ve got a very specific mindset. I might also add that this is a limiting belief mindset and does absolutely NOTHING to help you move the needle in the right direction based on your current company reality.

Stay with me here and don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying there aren’t inherent challenges that we all face that are strongly backed up by statistics. What I am saying is that regardless of what the statistics say and what direction our great industry takes moving forward, you must keep (and build) your confidence so you know that you will win no matter what happens.

Multiplier Mindset can be defined in many different ways but I want you to think about just those two words together and what they can mean to your life and organization when you adopt this type of thinking to your current situation. When you begin to access and condition yourself into a higher level of thinking, your standards begin to change. Tony Robbins teaches that we don’t always get our goals, but we always get our standards.

When you have a limiting belief mindset or pay too much attention to the constant negative international news, you can lower your standards without even realizing it. This happens because you unconsciously get focused on all that’s wrong, rather than focusing on all that is going right. as well as seeking solutions for current challenges in your life and organization.

Developing a Multiplier Mindset will get you to build your confidence which is the foundation to your company growth. Your company is a reflection of your confidence more than almost any other single factor. Begin to catch yourself when focused on negativity or blaming others (including team members) for the challenges the company is facing. When you catch yourself, immediately interrupt this habitual thinking with a strong belief and knowing within your core that YOU can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Leaders that develop Multiplier Mindset do not become free of challenges because most often from challenges arise our next levels. They simply have a better methodology for deciding what things mean to them, what’s important, and how they will when no matter what.

Make it a must my friend and watch your life begin to multiply in many different capacities.

Are you and your business ready to take things to the next level? It might be time for Titanium; our high-level coaching group. Check it out and if you think it might be time schedule a strategy session and see if Titanium is right for you.


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