The $130,000 Service Call

Last week I had the great chance to spend some time with one of our awesome clients. We spent some time at the office going through his operations, then had a nice lunch and built a plan for the training I’ll be delivering for his great team early next week. As we were talking about different marketing strategies and service agreement sales, he told me about an experience his company had with a client that week.

He was sharing with me how important service agreements are to his operation (as they are for all of us), and talked about certain specials they run at specific times to build they’re service agreement clientele. Then he began telling me about the incredible call one of his technicians had executed earlier in the week.

A new service agreement client called for service and as most calls begin, it was a pretty basic start to an electrical service call. As the technician finished doing a great discovery process regarding all of her wants, needs, and desires regarding her electrical system, he began performing about $8,000 worth of work. As she saw his process, work ethic, etc., she decided to have him do some additional work as well and began inquiring about the other services my client offers. Her level of trust was increasing.

She was becoming a raving fan of this entire company and process as the minutes ticked by. Because she was building up so much faith in my client’s team, she ended up requesting to have an HVAC technician as well as a plumber come to her home as well in order to check into some additional things she wanted to have addressed. This only happened because he was earning her trust every step of the way.

Each tech from each trade came to the house, did a fantastic job maintaining the relationship, asking quality questions about her and her needs, as well as her wants, and at the end of the day, this company and team of technicians had absolutely blown the value of their respective services through the roof and she has become a client for life.

To make a long story short, this particular call which began as an “electrical needs” service call ended up turning into a total ticket of $133,000. There is a lot of work that goes into this number of course, but how many times has your team just gone through the motions because “this is just another call”.

I teach and train about the one call per day mindset for technicians and sales people. This means that no matter how many calls a person runs in a day, there is but only ONE call for your clients. That call is the only important one of the day for them. My client’s team won this lady’s trust one step at a time and each step she decided to increase her investments with them.

We might not run into $130,000 calls all the time, but how do you know when it just might be your time? Stick to process and stick to the 12-Step Ultimate Client Experience we teach, and you just never know when you win a client’s trust and are able to make a positive impact on them and their lives with your services. This doesn’t take a huge amount of work, and it can be the difference between standing out in your client’s mind, and being “just another” trades person in their home.


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