Is it YOUR time?

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to do some training for one of my awesome clients in Orlando. I kicked off the day with the entire company of team members. Many times I just work with the front line, but this was one of the events where I had everyone from apprentices to accounting. What I saw and how the team responded got me thinking about the topic of this week’s blog.

If we were face to face and I asked you this question you would probably have an array of answers for me depending on what type of “your time” we were talking about. Your time to implement whatever it is you need to do is what I want the framework of your mindset to be today.

It could have to do with getting your pricing right, changing your pay structure, training your team effectively on a weekly basis, or implementing our effective marketing, leadership, and sales processes. It could have to do with team member accountability (beginning with yourself), finally posting your big board with team member goals, standardizing inventory, or starting your much needed ride along program. I could go on and on about what your time could be about but you know in your own heart what you need to do that you are not taking action on.

I have dedicated my life to helping people achieve higher levels and accomplish results they didn’t even know were possible for them. I’m proud to say that I make my clients millions and millions of dollars per year. I don’t say this to impress you, I say this to impress upon you that you have more inside you than you’re letting out right now. You have potential that is being squashed by the way you think about things and take specific action.

Now is your time my friend.

The client that hosted my event yesterday allowed another one of our clients and his wife to come to the training. My clients are friends and they spend a lot of time together when not working in their respective businesses. The client that hosted my event had been working on our other client, his buddy, for a period of time about charging a dispatch fee. In his current model he shows up for free. We have had the conversation several times justifying why he should implement a dispatch fee but it had never stuck.

Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time with the right mindset in order to position yourself effectively to implement change. As I write to you this week I’m pretty emotional about this topic due to the text I received last night after my training. My hosting client sent me a text that his buddy, one of our Essential Coaching Club members, went back to his shop yesterday and implemented a dispatch fee process.

With his current service call volume this means an additional $258,000 in annual revenue (and primarily profits) that began yesterday after my event. I’m not saying that I said something so magical from the stage that caused him to take action on something that had been on his radar and mind for so long. I am saying that he realized that NOW is his time to take action on something that has a huge return on investment for him.

So what about you? When is it your time to take action on that certain something that needs attention? You know what it is. Perhaps it’s not going to increase sales a quarter of a million dollars…or perhaps it could. Maybe it’s not even related to work and has to do with the relationship with your spouse or children. It could be something to do with working out or how you eat. No matter what it is for you, it’s time to make a change.

Now is your time my friend. Take that action today.

Have a better than fantastic day!


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