The Most Important Sale You'll Ever Make

As you probably know, at The Blue Collar Success Group we speak a lot about sales, marketing, and leadership. These are thethree core competencies we all must master in order to create and improve the businesses we are working on every single day. Nothing happens in a company without a sale being made. There is no sale to be made without a lead generated by some form of marketing. Either of these two functions will only ever be as successful as the capabilities of the leader of any organization.

This week I want to focus on sales. However, not the traditional sales that I teach all around the world regarding client engagement, involvement, and relationship. No, this week is about one of the biggest challenges facing our industry right now, and for years to come. I want you to focus on the biggest sales job you have right now and it is not about making a sale to a client.

This is about selling you and your company to your current team as well as potential team members.

We all hear, and sometimes take part in, energy siphoning conversations at industry events, in the news, trade publications, and best practices groups. “I just can’t find any qualified ________”. You can fill in the blank based on your own trade because there’s a good chance you are participating in these conversations yourself. You must first recognize that this conversation is not solving your problem in any way whatsoever. In fact, I would argue that it’s actually holding you back from a possible solution because you’re focused on the problem and not creating a viable solution no matter what it takes.

The biggest sales job every leader has right now is to sell current team members on why the grass is not greener on the other side and it is the best move in their career to stay on your team. You must know the benefits for them to remain with you and remind them of these key factors often. If you are not making them feel honored and special, I can assure you that your competition is looking to “court” them at the first chance possible. Every home service company has challenges and it’s part of your job to make sure your team doesn’t focus on the challenges more than the overall positives your company has to offer.

The next part of your biggest sales job ever is to sell potential team members on what makes you and your company better than any other option in the marketplace. Every progressive contractor we coach is looking for good people right now. How do you stand out? How do you sell your “program” to the possible recruit?

During our Titanium Club coaching call last week, we were discussing the similarities of a college football coach and our roles as leaders regarding recruiting. Head coaches travel the country visiting top recruits and their parents to sell their programs, benefits, and upside potential in order to attract the best talent.

The last time I checked we’re not doing so well at this as an industry. This is a problem for some and a massive opportunity for others. If you’re willing to put in the work, examine what makes you better as an employer, put together a story and some sales strategies into a true recruiting program, you will win against your competition.

The challenges regarding recruiting and retention are nothing new. They just haven’t been solved…yet! Get intentional, build a plan, execute that plan with massive action. Do this consistently while making minor adjustments and listening to the marketplace and you’ll be thanking me for motivating you to do this.


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