Using Handles and Triggers To Keep You on Track For Your Goals

As we head into the New Year, I’m sure you’ve got your goals, plans, and resolutions all dialed in and ready to make 2016 your best year ever…right? It seems the calendar has a way of us looking at the new months ahead with refreshed and renewed vision, energy, hope, and intention.

One of the concepts I’ve been teaching our Titanium Coaching Club members has to do with the importance of setting your intention PRIOR to setting your goals. Goals don’t have any value if you must rely only on willpower to meet and exceed them. Willpower is a short term burst to help you do what you know you SHOULD do, but it’s not sustainable long-term.

If you want to sustain the energy, focus, and execution in order to accomplish what you want, you must have clear intention as to WHY you want to accomplish what you want. I hope you’ve taken some time to reflect on 2015 to learn what went well that you want to keep doing or do more of, as well as the things you need to stop and/or eliminate from your life and business.

Now that we’re full swing into 2016. I’d like you to think about how you will make your year the best ever. You cannot make a YEAR the best ever. You can’t even make a month, a week, or a day the best ever. You must make everything happen by the moment.

The decisions and choices you make in each moment has everything to do with what your results will be in 2016. Because you can only operate in one moment at a time, I want to share a strategy a friend of mine Mary Morrissey uses to catch herself and check-in with her state of mind periodically.

We call this the handle and trigger strategy. I’ll share exactly how you use this strategy in today’s video message. Use this handle and trigger strategy to keep you on track just like an airplane flying on autopilot constantly making minor adjustments and corrections to assure reaching the desired destination as planned.

Cheers to making 2016 your best year ever in every single category of your life and business!


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