Simplicity Drives Progress - Uncomplicate Your Systems and See Your Team Excel

One of the things I consistently coach my clients on is the importance of keeping things as simple as possible. The cold hard truth is most of our processes and procedures could use some simplification and we don't even realize it.

Last week I had the honor to be onsite consulting and training for one of our awesome Titanium Club coaching clients. I did a half-day session with the entire company, then I had about 12 technicians for the next day and a half. This group of 12 is less than half of this company’s total tech force but they wanted me to work closely with the ones that were struggling on certain communication techniques and sales results more than others.

There is terrific beauty to a close-nit, safe environment session like this as it relates to uncovering what could be blocking better performance. This format really created the positioning to allow me to use some of my unique ability and get the techs to open up as we broke through limiting beliefs and blockers. There is a whole lot to learn from our front line when we get them to tell us the truth regarding their own perspective and personal beliefs about what we are asking them to do.

However, when we do get them to open up we cannot take things personally and immediately begin justifying why things are the way they are. Because you’re following me, I'm assuming you seek progress in your business practices and one of the best ways to make massive progress is to get your team completely bought into your vision, plan, and why you do certain things in certain ways.

This is basic business 101. The potential breakdown happens when we don’t continually train the front line on how they can effectively meet their personal and business goals within our system. Sure, we’ve got great compensation programs, benefits, etc. This isn’t enough after a team member “gets used” to all the great things you offer. You must constantly train, re-train, and coach how they can continuously win with a simple process followed every single time.

Keeping things simple is imperative for technicians to buy in. This means keeping things as simple as possible regarding compensation, spiff programs, monthly specials, paperwork, sales processes, and so forth. We roll out certain things regarding process, then we add to it, add to it, and add to it, but seldom take things away.

There are two things I recommend to test the simplicity of your current programs and processes. The first thing and always a great stand by solution is to go on a few ride alongs. See your processes through a technician (and client’s) eyes. How difficult is your system to operate effectively in? If you sell a job, can you quickly and easily identify how much your personal compensation will be?

The second thing you can do is to create some sort of Mindmap of your entire process from dispatching the tech, to client contact, to client history, to the options sheet, through the invoice, the close out process, getting the online review, etc.

Look at these processes, see where you can simplify. It’s been said, a confused mind will never buy. If our front line has confusion, they won’t “buy-in” at any level.

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