5 Qualities Of a Championship Team

Even if you’re not a sports fan whatsoever, please keep reading today because this isn’t about sports, this is all about you and your own business situation. Yes, over the weekend the AFC and the NFC Championship games were played and the Super Bowl teams have been identified for this year.

There are tremendous lessons we can learn from the qualities that winning teams consistently have in place, tireless work on, and constantly train. Today I’m sharing five of those qualities as how it relates to our industry, and more specifically, your company.

1. Ownership – You won’t ever find a championship team that doesn’t have quality ownership. Period. Winning (and losing) begins and ends at the ownership level. If an owner doesn’t desire a championship team, they will never produce one. They must invest in the tools and capabilities that give their players (front line team members) the best chance at success. Trust me, as a life-long San Diego Chargers fan I understand this concept all too well.

2. Head Coach/General Manager – The owner can only do so much. Once the owner has invested and the tools are in place then the Head Coach becomes crucial. When it comes to guiding the overall culture, strategies, and game plan, the Head Coach is the key to success. In our industry this could be a General Manager and sometimes it’s the same person as the owner. This person has more interaction on the front line with the team and has the role of leading his/her assistant coaches and team leaders.

3. Assistant Coaches/Team Leaders – Once the Head Coach has the plan in place it’s imperative that the Assistant Coaches or in our world sometimes Team Leaders must carry the message and plan to the front line team. Each level of leadership that gets closer to the front line has to be in alignment with all the Owner and Head Coach are attempting to accomplish. I see many companies where this is the cog in the wheel and where the message gets skewed, or even too often completely sabotaged.

4.Players/Front Line Team – This is where the rubber meets the road. No one above can actually execute the game plan on their own. All of a team’s success ends up falling on how well the front line can execute. This includes your CSRs, DSRs, Salespeople, Technicians, Warehouse, etc. If there are any disconnects with goals, beliefs, and the desire to win, it will show up right here with how well your front line executes the coaching and training they receive.

5. Overall Culture of Winning – Steps one through four are certainly necessary to be a Championship Team, but this is perhaps the most important quality a team must possess. When you have a culture of winning, everyone is working for the same goal. It’s not about a superstar player or one big win. Team members begin policing and helping each other to continue a winning tradition. If a team member with a losing attitude or someone who doesn’t really care about winning shows up on the team, they won’t be there long because nobody in the organization wants negativity on the team.

I could probably write for days expanding on these five qualities but at least you get a snapshot in order to look at your own organization. As an owner, are you investing in the training and coaching to build a winning team? As a manager, are your team leaders completely bought into your goals and plan?

Do your players respect the company, the goals, and have a voracious desire to win? Only you can answer these questions, but take a moment, be honest, and then take action to build your own Championship Team.


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