Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business

As I come off one of the best weeks of my personal and professional life, I feel urged and even obligated to talk to you this week about the importance of community and how much you need it to catapult your business growth. As human beings, we’ve been seeking certain levels of so-called community since we began walking the planet.

We staked claims to certain geography and began building our own communities. This started at the basic level, but as communities grew, we sought out building communities within our overall communities.

I saw this as a child when my parents would change churches. It didn’t happen every year, but every so often, they would decide to find a new church based on various circumstances. This wasn’t because their beliefs or their relationship with God had changed, but rather they felt it necessary to be surrounded by different people in a new community.

We see this desire to surround ourselves by like-minded people show up in all different capacities at all different levels and ages in life. Everything from the girl scouts, to colleges, to the sororities and fraternities within colleges, sports, etc. However, as progressive entrepreneurs and business thought leaders we can lose how important this concept is if we’re not really careful.

Last week at our annual Sales and Marketing Intensive in Tampa, we had a great community of all different types of people, contractors, owners, managers, male and female. Some were franchisees, others belong to different best practices groups, but they all have one thing in common. They understand and sought out this sense of community of people that are willing to help, and share, wins and losses through experiences in life and business.

What we did at Blue Collar was host the event. It was the community that attended that makes it the event the best in the industry. I believe in a concept related to your five closest friends. There have been studies done that reveal that most people earn within $5000 per year of their five closest friends.


We become like the people we spend the most time around. I’m not telling you anything new as your own parents told you this as a child, but I’m reminding you of the importance of this as leaders in business and our own communities. Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions and we can feel alone, right? Of course you have felt this and it’s possible you’re feeling it as you read this today. I’m so passionate about this subject because I’ve been there feeling scared, feeling alone, and feeling like I don’t have the answers countless times in my life and career.

The big differentiator has to do with being alone vs. being lonely. My own mother spends a lot of her time by herself, but she doesn’t feel lonely. Regardless of whether you are more of an extrovert or an introvert, you need some outside stimulation. One word to prove my point, Facebook. This is a great example of how much we crave community in our lives and now technology has presented us a way to stay in touch with people all over the world from the comfort of our very own couch!

I don’t care whether it’s a Chamber of Commerce, a BNI group, Lions Club, HBA, or church, take a look at where you are feeding your innate desire for community. Check in with yourself regarding the people you spend the most time with. Whether it’s family, friends, or business associates, you must surround yourself with people that will be honest with you, hold you accountable, AND support you and your goals. If they don’t fit that criteria, time to make some changes my friend. Do some personal inventory and whether you become a part of our Blue Collar community at a deeper level or not, keep growing yourself and you will keep growing your business.


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