Be A Brand Ambassador

Recently, the Lovely Christy and I found ourselves in Panama City Beach, Florida on our way to host our once a year, one of a kind, game changing event, SAMI in Tampa this week. We were pretty sick of all the fried food we had been exposed to in the south and decided we wanted to try a new pizza place last week.

As we searched around (just like our clients and prospects do) looking for a good option based on reviews of course, we came across a pizza joint called Uncle Maddio’s Pizza. This was one of the only options that wasn’t a huge chain, or the 4pm dinner buffet, the Snowbirds are so used to frequenting!

As you might know, if you’ve been following us for any time at all, we are basically self-proclaimed, pizza snobs. If it’s not 00 flour, baked at over 800 degrees with San Marzano tomatoes, and buffalo mozzarella, then it’s usually not for us, LOL! However, when in Rome (or Panama City Beach), you do the best you can, right?

We walked in to the Uncle Maddio’s right on the parkway and was immediately greeted by a happy smiling face shouting out, “Welcome to Maddio’s!” with great inflection and excitement. This place could be compared to the Subway of Pizza as they have it designed where you walk through, choose your crust, your sauce, your toppings, and drinks as you go down the line. Has a fast food feel, but really fresh ingredients and warm and welcome atmosphere.

Brand Ambassador. Period.

The point of my message today is simply to challenge you when thinking about your own brand. This is a fairly young pizza chain with only 37 current stores. HOWEVER, they plan to open over 250 stores in 2016 alone!!! When I talk and coach about 10X for our own businesses, I often make people uncomfortable. Seriously they say, how can I even 2X, much less 10X?

I’m blessed to work with my Titanium Coaching Club on a weekly basis and they are very progressive and some great thought leaders in this industry. I still love to challenge them as well when it comes to thinking about 10X. So you’re $2M in sales…? What would it mean to be $20M..?

Here’s the big catch!

You’ve have to be 10X the leader, 10X the boss, 10X the marketer, 10X the coach…and STILL have a core group of Brand Ambassadors! This week I want you to meet Danielle…THE Brand Ambassador of Uncle Maddio’s in Panama City Beach! If any of us can create raving fan team members like her, our brand, our clients, and our profits will skyrocket exponentially.

Danielle told us all about the brand, why she loves it, why we should follow it, why we should call corporate and get one opened in our town…and she knows we’ll never see her again in our lives. She was able to communicate this value to us as we walked down the line like Subway all while raving about “her” company and fresh ingredients.

What if someone on your front line CARED enough about your brand to sell, sell, sell, without even knowing they are selling?

I think we all know the power of that person. Now, go create it!


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