3 Phase Relationship Marketing

One of the areas we spend a good amount of time in our businesses is marketing. Without consistent lead-flow a company’s opportunity for growth is completely handcuffed. When working with our Titanium Coaching Club members we focus on the three different phases of relationship building.

Relationships are what make companies work. In fact, I would go as far to say that relationships are what make everything in life work. When you look at your own life situation, however successful you feel you are, or however much you seem to struggle, can always be tied back to some function of the relationships you’ve built, and continue to maintain.

The Lovely Christy and I are coming off of a whirlwind week of driving to Houston to work with an awesome market leading company last Friday. I was able to make a positive impact on that company’s leadership team because of the relationship I built with them. Then we had the incredible opportunity to spend the weekend with our friends/Titanium Club members at their beach house in Galveston.

All of this is based on building effective relationships that are win/win for everyone involved.

What about you and your own home service company? Are you focused on the three necessary phases of relationship building when it comes to your clients? Certainly team member relationships are at the forefront of success, but today I want to focus on client relationships. There are three phases to a successful client relationship in this business.

First of all, we must build a relationship in what we call “The Before Unit”. This is completely tied to your messaging in the marketing you do in order to get a client to make that original step to explore doing business with you. If your message and communication doesn’t effectively speak their language and make them feel safe and secure with your company, then you will be unable to build a relationship in this phase and they will move on and call the next company they think “gets them”.

Once we have a chance to get in front of them, we must focus on phase two in which we build a relationship in what we call “The During Unit”. This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak and the client gets the opportunity to experience your front line team, customer service, and sales processes. The company’s success will be completely tied to how effective your team is trained and executes in The During Unit.

Lastly, we move on to the relationship of “The After Unit”. This is actually where most service companies completely drop the ball. We tend to think simply because a client invested in our services one time, that they are our client for life. Nothing is further from the truth. You must continue to build on the relationship you’ve created in the first two Units. This is done through follow up calls, online review requests, hard copy newsletters, and quality email marketing after the sale. You must continue to stay in front of them with quality messaging and value based information that can enhance and improve their lives.

Focus on mastering these three phases of relationship building and your company will continue to scale and grow with new clients, as well as a high level of repeat buyers ready to call you, and only you, when they have a desire or need regarding your products and services.

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