How Your Morning Routine Can Change The Way You See The World

Hey Dude...Where's My Car?

As a business leader or entrepreneur you are always looking at ways to improve your own performance as well as the performance of team members around you. This has been hard-wired into your existence and more than likely is a habit you have formed so strong that you begin to despise mediocrity.

My entire team knows how I feel about mediocrity. Save it for someone else. Give me the perspective and people around me that want to play full out, to become their very best within their own Unique Ability and provide the highest level of contribution to the world that they can…regardless of status or position.

There are a few things that mediocrity thrives on and I want to share the importance of employing some of these actions back to back in every situation you possibly can. This is one of the biggest keys to success in all aspects of your life. When these get ignored, life becomes very hard…when you utilize success strategies regarding these behaviors, the game changes.

Yesterday morning I was in Denver, CO. I had a client request I stay over an extra day in Denver to perform additional coaching and training for their company. Good thing to hear from a client, right? Well, as plans changed, The Lovely Christy and I had to change units we were staying at in order to accommodate this request. No problem, the client has a loft style condo downtown and we’ll just stay there for a night. Everyone wins, right?

Until Monday morning…

After my killer Morning Accelerator routine, I ride the elevator down at 6:00 sharp to head to the client’s office. Meeting starts at 6:30, I take the stage at 6:45am, nothing but time. Until I got off the elevator that is and found the result of a decision I made which involves responsibility.

See, I haven’t stayed in this condo building for several months. I didn’t remember the parking space number my client has reserved, but I knew “where in the garage” their spot was located. This was all fine until the fact came about that both levels of the parking garage look identical with the exception of space numbers and I had actually parked on the wrong level, in someone else’s assigned spot.

Obviously, I learned all of this after the fact because I had to think quick, get an Uber so I could fulfill my engagement with my client, all while Christy called around to see if our car was towed or stolen…

Monday morning. Uggh!

In spite of the Monday Morning from Hell, I had a great training with the team members at the company and was able to pull some life lessons right away that you can apply today.

I got 1000% focused on gratitude as soon as I realized what had happened or was happening. I made a conscious choice with my focus.

I could have focused on the fact my car could be all messed up, the birthday gifts for Christy could be stolen, and since my jacket was in the car, I didn’t even have a sport coat to wear for training that morning.

However, I chose a different focus.

I immersed myself in gratitude in everything from my health that morning, to the fact Uber exists, and I was able to still arrive on time. I focused on the fact that a bunch of people were counting on me that morning to deliver incredible training and I feel so honored to be doing what I do helping change lives and results for the better. I focused on the fact that for many years of my life I never believed I was worthy or would ever be able to drive a car like a Mercedes SUV luxury vehicle, and here I was in a situation where mine had either been stolen, or towed…how cool is that?

Look at all the great things in my life!!!

I have so much good to focus on…but it takes a conscious choice!

The same is true for you.

Until you realize everything in your life is a derivative of your choices both conscious and unconscious, you will be on the hamster wheel of life spinning in the same place day after day.

Get off the wheel today, make a different decision. Take responsibility and take massive action toward your goals and dreams.

You can do this my friend, I'll help you any way I can


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