The Relationship That Creates Sales

There are many key components necessary to create any good relationship based sales efforts, but sometimes we get a little too caught up in the details and forget about some of the most critical points to any good process. I’ve been coaching and training in this wonderful industry for almost 15 years now and just had my 22 year anniversary as a service company owner. All that means to you is that I have been able to develop a specific and proven method of how to get results that can help you improve your business practices.

Each week I share certain strategies and concepts that you can adopt and apply to your company and team to continuously obtain better results. This week I want to share some things that come direct from my experience with techs and salespeople in the field.

For four solid days last week I did a training and ride along program for one of our awesome Titanium Coaching Club members. I’m onsite again this week and each time this happens I learn so much from your front line team. It’s easy to talk about communication and education in the training room at the company, but the most important interaction is between your front line and your clients.

Quality relationships create sales. Period.

Most of the time and energy in any sales and service process is focused primarily on the relationship with the client. This makes sense and is necessary, however, there is more at stake here than just those relationships taking place in the field. We’ve all heard the old saying, “your team will never treat a client better than they get treated by you.” True. True. True!

I witnessed things last week from coachable/trainable techs and salespeople that WANT to improve. They appreciate the leaders in the company and that makes them want to do right by them. Sometimes that can mean the necessity to get of their comfort zones and apply new and different communication techniques.

If they don’t respect you, their client will not respect them.

This means that the first and foremost important relationship when it comes to sales is between you, and your team. There are three “sales” made with every transaction when it comes to the in-home sales process. First, the clients must buy the technician or salesperson. This is all they know regarding a relationship with your company at this time. Secondly, they must buy the company as this is the backbone of the future regarding installation, service, maintenance, and warranty. Lastly, they actually buy the product or service that they want, need, or desire to invest in.

This is true in every scenario, but too often I witness too much focus on the product or service rather than the relationship. Do they trust your front line team? Do they feel safe? Do they know he/she has the expertise to take care of their situation? Do they know enough about your company, history, status, etc.?

We must educate, educate, educate our clients. What makes you different? I hope it begins with having a great relationship between leadership and the front line team, because if that isn’t in place, your training is falling on deaf ears. My client in Nashville I was with last week will see company results soar because he and his team are working hard on the relationships with their team.


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