Strategic By-Products: Creating the Future One "Accident" at a Time

Have you ever realized how much of your current life has come to fruition by accident? Okay, perhaps accident is too strong of a word here but think about it for a moment. You have an awesome marriage now and it has come about because you left a poor situation in the past. Or, you have a fantastic manager on your team and this has become a reality due to the person you had to become from all the bad hires regarding managers in your past.

One of my biggest mentors, Dan Sullivan, calls these things in life and business Strategic Byproducts. The point of when you set out on a certain path, have a specific goal in mind and then BAM! Something happens that forces a change in direction or goal, or you simply learn enough or gain enough confidence to take a different path moving forward.

As the Lovely Christy and I continue the coaching and training road trip 2016, our route took us through El Paso, Texas earlier this week. I have not been to El Paso since August 12, 1992 when I finished my service in the United States Army and signed out for the final time. It was pretty surreal to go back there in my current relationship, career, and overall life situation.

It hit me square in the face as I was downtown looking across the border at Juarez, Mexico where we used to go stir up trouble back in the day. Everything I am, everything I do, everything I have, and everything I have become is simply a strategic by-product of those military days over two decades ago. I’ve made many choices and decisions since then that have helped shape my life and career, but that was part of the foundation creating the man, leader, and coach I have become.

The same is true for you my friend.

The point of setting goals is not to achieve the goals themselves. The point is to become the person you need to be in order to achieve those goals. Many times as you become the next best version of you, the goals change along the way. Your current business is a reflection of the person you’ve become to this point. The team you have in place has everything to do with who you are as a person and very little to do with our trades or your exact marketplace.

Open yourself up to more potential Strategic Byproducts as you continue to evolve as a business person and leader. Perhaps you need to go after a new line-extension in your business because you are ready. Or perhaps even more common, you need to shut something off in the business and get solely focused on what you do the very best that helps people the most and has the best margin.

Where you are right now is a sum total of the choices you’ve made to this point in your life. Those choices have given you education, pain, excitement, fun and much, much more. Embrace the ebbs and flows of your journey and realize the next level is only a decision away. As always, we’re here to help you in whatever capacity that may be as you accomplish your goals and dreams.

Are you ready to create new strategic byproducts for you and your business? Click here and schedule a free strategy session to look at where you are and how we can help you get to that next stage.


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