Secret to Exponential Growth

As business leaders we all desire growth, right? Well, actually believe it or not all of us desire growth. It’s been said that as human beings we desire progress more than anything else in life. The challenge comes in with what creates and causes growth. Think about it. In order to grow, you must become someone different than you are now. That can come from pain, struggle, opportunity, massive action, etc. However, most of the time our biggest growth comes from overcoming obstacles.

No obstacles, no growth?

It comes down to a simple concept I’d like to share with you today. It’s called Raise Your Standards. You may have heard me speak about this before, and if you’re in our Titanium Coaching Club, you know I just hammered this point on our monthly marketing webinar just yesterday.

Your company is a reflection of your standards. Your personal intimate relationship is a reflection of your standards. Your current bank account is a reflection of your standards. Your physical appearance is a reflection of your standards. Okay, I’ll stop, but you get the point.

If you want better results and exponential growth you have to raise your standards from what they are today. You must expect and desire more. You need to “make it a MUST” to succeed, to get to the next level, to accomplish whatever it is you’re wanting to accomplish.

First get clarity about what you desire. Clarity is the first dimension of C.H.A.N.G.E. in the book I wrote to help people transform their lives and results. Get crystal clear about how you feel with where you are right now with business, finances, health, relationships. How does it feel? Good or bad? If it feels good, that’s fantastic, keep doing what you’re doing and keep growing, you are already meeting a pretty good standard in your life.

If it doesn’t feel so good, then DECIDE that things are going to be different. Seek out a mentor or coach. Get involved with your peers that “get” you and understand what you’re trying to accomplish in your business and life. It can be a lonely road as an entrepreneur, but it doesn’t have to be.

It takes massive action.

In order to create exponential growth, you must also take massive action. I see too many people participate in industry seminars or join best practices groups and think they will get fixed just by showing up.


You hold the keys to the castle. Raise your standards, improve your mentors, get better peers and take massive action! It’s about progress, not perfection. Get started today on your path to you greatest future!


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