How Service Companies Turn These 2 Simple Words Into Profit

None of us want to be that pushy sales person, right? So, how do most people avoid coming across like the slick used car sales person we all have a story about (which has probably been a bit exaggerated by now). Too many people avoid using sales and connection techniques that actually work and are in the best interest of all involved.

Plenty of business lessons in this process.

Many of us give up on the power of connection before and during the sales process because if we work too hard to connect, somehow our mind wants to translate that into pushy rather than client focused, influencing techniques. If you truly believe in your product or service, and your client has expressed a want, need, or desire for that product or service, then it is your responsibility as their assistant buyer to understand as much as possible about their situation in order to offer the best matching solution.

I see front line techs and sales people avoid things that work in sales because they think it’s in the best interest of their client to not guide them, lead them, or make recommendations to them. Now as crazy as that seems, please understand your team is doing this right now as they are running calls. I haven’t been to a company for an onsite consulting engagement yet where this wasn’t the case in some capacity.

Hopefully you are crystal clear about the power of building relationship, earning trust, and crafting specific and relevant options for your client so they have all good choices. When those key things are in place, it becomes natural for the sales person to become a recommending machine. If the client has trust and belief in the company, the sales person, and the product, then it’s natural to make a sale that will improve and benefit the client’s overall life situation.

As leaders we commit a lot of time, energy and resources to training these key points in order to make more sales at higher margins which create repeat clients. However, many of us are missing a key ingredient that will maximize client loyalty creating repeat business, referrals, and those ever so crucial online reviews.

By the way, thank you for taking the time to read my blog today!

The words thank you seem to have lost their luster, right? You hear it multiple times a day in various situations. Seldom, if ever, is there anything behind it other than words anymore. It’s not that the words don’t have meaning, it’s the way the words are delivered to us that doesn’t have any meaning.

Authentic gratitude is a critical part of your sales recipe and there is a good chance you are missing the boat when it comes to this profit maximizing technique. I’m a fan of what we call The Gratitude Statement as part of our Ultimate Client Experience Process. It is important that you express different forms of gratitude to your client multiple times throughout the service or sales call. Three to five expressions of gratitude are necessary for your client to truly feel appreciated.

You would think it’s a no-brainer for a sales person to say thank you upon arrival for the opportunity to be there, again before covering any investment options, and of course at the end of the interaction regardless of what was purchased. However, rarely does your front line say thank you multiple times in this situation and all too often it comes across just like the automated 16 year old pimple faced drive through attendant struggling to get out the word “thanks” as you drive away.

One more step!

If you are not sending thank you cards from your company and technician, you are missing another profit activator that helps put the icing on the cake. Don’t over complicate it, don’t over think this process, just do it and keep it simple. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and this is very true when it comes to this step. Even if you are doing “happy calls” or some form of phone call to follow up with clients, you should still be sending thank you cards.

Recently, The Lovely Christy had to have a surgical procedure done that we were not looking forward to. We sought out the best medical care pre-surgery, got the best referrals nationwide, etc. We landed with a surgeon that operates at Rose Medical Center in Denver. The experience was off the charts positive from in-processing, to the time she was wheeled to car upon discharge. I began calling it the Four Season’s hospital experience. We couldn’t have been happier with the process and the staff.

We stayed in Denver for a week doing recovery and a few days after returning home, we got a handwritten thank you card in the mail from ALL of the nurses that took care of Christy during her time in the hospital. It was signed with various get well messages from six different nurses and aides.

This was from a hospital! What about your business? How would it make your client feel to get a thank you card from the front line team members they had interaction with? Employ this strategy and enjoy a higher percentage of repeat business, not to mention the unsolicited referrals and reviews.


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