How to Effectively Influence Others By Creating Certainty

All of us that live in the world of business and leadership are consistently looking for ways to influence. We seek strategies for influencing our team members, our vendor partners, and our clients. We must continuously build our skills of influence as our clients need to be influenced in each of the three business units. Thebefore unit, the during unit, and the after unit of the business acquisition and delivery process.

One of the ongoing challenges comes with our team members feeling okay about providing influence. Nobody wants to be seen as a slimy sales person and that’s never what we want for them. However, part of their professional responsibility is to help clients make informed and educated decisions regarding our products, services, and offerings.

We believe in a relationship based educational service and sales process. Our front line sales team needs to be educated in all of your offerings extremely well. One of the main reasons for this depth of product knowledge is so they can effectively educate the client. However, that’s not the only reason for really effective product, service, and delivery training for your front line team.

Confidence. Certainty. Connection.

If your team is not educated on what the benefits are of your client doing business with you rather than anyone in the endless sea of competition, then they cannot build self-confidence. It’s no secret that people with more confidence are more effective in sales, but too often our training meetings are not designed to help build, and sustain, confidence.

Confidence leads to certainty.

Tony Robbins once said, “When there is rapport between two people, the person with the most certainty will be the influencer.” You most likely have 100% certainty that you are the company of choice and everyone in your market should be doing business with your company, right?

Sorry, but that’s not enough.

Certainty for our clients doesn’t happen directly from us. It is a definite by product of our leadership, training, and culture, but we can’t touch each and every client like our front line does. As leaders, we must build our own confidence that leads to certainty so we can build and maintain a strong connection with our team. It’s called leadership for a reason, and it’s the leader’s responsibility to craft the desired message and client experience from the very beginning through the follow up process.

I believe he was spot on when Henry Ford said, “If you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t you won’t.” Obviously there is massive action that must be taken in order to move your company toward your goals, but how you think about things really matters.

Begin to do some inventory about how certainty shows up in your organization. Is certainty a part of your sales and customer service culture? I can assure you that your customer service agents booking the most calls have the most certainty. You won’t be surprised to see that your top performing technicians and sales people have the most certainty.

One thing leads to the next. Build your confidence and you open yourself up for more certainty. Once you develop more certainty, you are able to connect with your team, your prospects, and clients, at a whole new level. This new level is your next step to progress.


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