5 Proven Strategies To Improve Sales Conversions

It’s that time of year when there is a buying frenzy taking place in the name of the holiday season. People are being inundated with marketing messages like no other time of the year. Retailers are competing for every last dollar they possibly can, and in the midst of all this, we still need to take care of client’s wants and needs when we might not have the best Christmas gift on the list.

This is the time of year to stick to the proven fundamentals that work all the time, but somehow we (and our teams) seem to get away from systems for success. This week I want to share five steps that increase sales conversions every time they are followed effectively.

Open Up – A vast majority of technicians and salespeople in the home service industry would rather talk technical terms about a piece of equipment rather than allowing their own personality to shine through. To be successful with in-home sales, the lead front line person has to become personable. This means letting a guard down and demonstrating they are a real, living, caring human being when in the presence of the client. Obviously, our team is full of amazing people, but so often they feel they can let their own unique personality out in the name of professionalism.

Focus on People – We all know people do business with people that they know, like, and trust, but sometimes we forget the core value here. It’s ALL about people! I don’t care what your core offers are or what exact trade you represent, it’s always about people. When sales conversions slip, many times it’s because the people factor has gone to the wayside for more of a transactional type sales process. Never forget, people don’t buy from companies, people buy from people. In home service sales, this is the front line person representing you and your brand.

Believe – As many technicians as I’ve done ride alongs with, this is one of the key concepts I wish I could instill in our front line forever. Our team MUST believe 100% in what they are offering as solutions to our clients. Belief crosses many different aspects of our businesses. They must believe in the company and what it stands for, the products, quality of service offered, the pricing of those services, and ultimately, you as a leader. I’ve seen time and time again when a technician or salesperson isn’t a huge believer in all of these things, a client’s cannot accept a proposal to move forward no matter what the scope of the job or price may be.

Resonate Confidence – If there is one capability I would want to be able to have every person I’ve ever trained adopt, it would be in increasing confidence. Confidence transfers to everything throughout a call and client interaction. Clients need to feel comfortable with the team member, company, and proposed solution. The fastest, most authentic, and effective way for them to feel comfortable is to be confident in your team member. If a team member is not resonating with confidence, your client will seek a different solution and you will never even know why.

Follow the System – Every successful person has a system for how they achieve predictable success. Techs and salespeople are no different. Everyone has a system for what they do and that system gets them specific and predictable results when followed effectively. As human nature would have it, our mind continuously seeks what’s new, different, and sometimes exciting, therefore oftentimes getting away from the proven processes that work. Get your team back to the proven service and sales systems that work time after time.

We all want better conversions and there are simple ways to move the needle, but it takes focus. What you focus and measure always gets the most attention. Set a goal to improve your conversion rate, but don’t focus on that statistic alone. Make sure you’re focused on these five areas of human capacity in order to achieve your goals.


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