5 Marketing Tips For 2016

It’s hard to believe how quickly the end of the year is coming up! Around the holidays, it’s easy to get distracted and lose focus on important aspects of your business.

So, let’s take a moment to focus on what’s going to be crucial as you think about your marketing plans for next year.

1. There’s no excuse for an outdated website. Your website could be the first touch that a client has with your company, so it needs to look modern and be easy to navigate. The actual design of your website has a huge impact on the impression your client has of your company. Include great client reviews (social proof) and make it obvious how to get a hold of you. Make sure to include lots of images and videos, since this is what today’s consumer really responds to.

2. Your site needs to be optimized and mobile responsive. This is no longer optional; it’s the new reality. Today, over 50% of consumers use mobile devices to research buying decisions and engage with brands. . If your clients can’t have easy access to you on their mobile device, they just might call one of your competitors instead.

3.Improve Your Social Media Presence. Let’s put it this way: there is always a way to improve your social media presence. This isn’t just about Facebook ads, this also is about increasing the quality of your posts and driving more engagement with your company. This means video, photos, contests, and whatever creative ideas you have to help your clients interact with you

4.Be Noticeable. More than ever, you have to stand out. People are bombarded with information and images all day long, so how are you going to be different? Be bold with your guarantees and marketing. Simple, well-designed ads with a powerful message work well. Also, get out in your community and makes sure your company has a presence at local events. In this digital age, people are craving personal interaction, so you can stand out by doing great things in your community.

5. Personalize Your Brand. As you’ve probably noticed, one of the biggest marketing trends is personalization. In our industry, the key to this is truly understanding our clients. Who is our client and what does he/she really want? From a marketing perspective, we need to speak to our clients as though we can see through their eyes. From a sales perspective, this is about asking the right questions on a call to understand needs and wants.

Consider the importance of these 5 tips while you are moving into 2016. There are more marketing opportunities than ever with the emergence of different channels, just make sure to have a clear focus and plan going into the new year.

Hold quarterly (or more frequent) marketing meetings to discuss what is and isn’t working. This isn’t like the old days when we had to wait a year to change a Yellow Pages ad that wasn’t pulling. We can literally make marketing changes in an instant now! Constantly monitor your progress, and stay on top of the trends in order to have the your most profitable year possible.


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