When Saying "NO" Gets You To "YES"!

What is stopping you from saying YES? You better so NO to some things too.

When work doesn’t feel like work, quality of life soars. So what? What does that mean? Aren’t we meant to go to school, get a good job, find the right partner, get married (or not) have children, stay at the same job forever (whether you like it or not) and somehow manage your negative emotions for 40-60 years until you reach that all-encompassing goal called “RETIREMENT”?

That was my Mom and Step Father’s plan to some degree. Then life happened. At 62 years old he developed a form of early onset dementia and by his 63rd birthday he was locked away in a home not knowing my Mom, or his own name. Life happened and the path changed. Sure that may be a bit of an extreme example but you can relate on many levels just based on your own experience to this point.

Life happens. Business happens. Relationships happen. People happen. Marketing happens. Sales happen.

But with all these things happening, what is it you are specifically interested in influencing and creating the way that you want? It’s your choice. You have the power. You have everything you need within you right now, but perhaps you need to re-awaken some tools you haven’t used for a while.

Perhaps a tool like clarity. Perhaps a tool like focus. Perhaps a tool like commitment. To yourself, your team, your family?

You are a leader. You are a creator. You have the ability to create this company in any fashion and form that you want. You can make the culture be whatever it is that you want. If you’re an owner, you have chosen a very lonely existence. That of an entrepreneur. A life where most don’t understand why you work so hard, why it’s so critically important for you to win, why it matters. It just does.

Because you can be on an island, it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people. People that might just be as crazy as you are, but you need people that “get” you. Last night we celebrated my Mom being cancer free for five years now. She invited some of the people from her Dementia Support Group to come down to her favorite Mexican Restaurant to enjoy an early dinner and a margarita.

Commonality. Clear understanding. Unwavering support. These are things I saw at that table from Mom’s peers that are dealing with a similar situation by losing a loved one that happens to still be alive. Just like our businesses, they are all in different places, they have different relationships, they have different levels of support…but they are all playing the same cards from a hand they probably wouldn’t have chosen to be dealt.

Think about your own business and situation. It’s probably not life or death. It’s probably much more manageable than an incurable disease. But as my mentor and friend Frank Blau always used to say to people, “you gotta take the medicine”. If there was a cure for my Step Father’s condition, he would take the medicine and get better.

In your own company and situation, what is the medicine that is right in front of you that you’re resisting because of fear, lack of certainty, lack of understanding? Do you need to upgrade your team? Do you need to improve your training programs? Do you need to create solid alignment between your marketing messaging and your sales process to increase the value for your clients?

Perhaps you just need a simple look at yourself and a few minutes of reflection to realize that you need to raise your standards. Your company and team will never be on iota better than what you demand from them. This doesn’t mean you have to BE demanding, it just means that you expect the best from everyone, beginning with yourself.

Studies prove that the more money people make, the longer they actually “work”. Why? When you love what you do, you are probably pretty good at it. If you’re pretty good at it, you probably make more money than most in your field. If you’re improving lives, making a nice living, and enjoying what you do, then work doesn’t feel like work and quality of life soars.

The choice is yours. Make the choice!


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