The 8 Profit Activators Great Marketers Use to Increase Profits

What's a Profit Activator? Simple, it's a strategy or action that when taken results in increased profits for your business. Following are 8 such activators. Select one today and get started turning up your profits. We are talking about profit and that means, selling something for more than it costs to produce and deliver it. With that in mind, here are 8 ways to increase your profitability:

(Excerpt from our Essential Club; 106 Money Making Marketing Strategies)

Profit Activator #1: Narrow Your Focus and Select ONE Target Market (at a time).

Get it right before you start branching out in multiple target markets. This is your chance to prefect the process and the sales systems. When you're laser focused on one target market you'll be better equipped to serve the exact needs of that market. Stay focused and avoid the "shiny object" syndrome - it's a distraction, and a trap. Don't get me wrong, once your marketing and sales systems are in place and working in alignment THEN you can intentionally and strategically add new target markets.

Profit Activator #2: Use Direct Response Offers To Compel Prospects to Call YOU Immediately.

If you are not using direct response marketing, you need to start NOW! The trick is - you need to create a compelling offer that speaks to your clients wants and needs. You need to reach them at an emotional level, people buy on emotion - they justify with logic. This is not as easy as it sounds. You much spend the time and do the work to determine what your client most want that you can deliver and THEN create an offer unlike all your competitors - a unique compelling offer with a strong Call To Action. Here is an example from one our campaigns:

Tired of dry cracked skin? Feel like you've got all the moisture sucked out of you? You don't have to live like that.

Did you know, we can attach a humidifier directly to your furnace so moisture distributes evenly throughout you home.

Just like that - You'll feel like it's Summer again. (Until you look outside)

CALL TODAY - Save 40% off
(limited supply remain)

Profit Activator #3: Patiently and Systematically Educate and Motivate Prospects To Meet With You...Ready To Buy.

Your role as a professional service provider is not only to help your client(and prospective clients) make educated informed buying decisions. By being the expert and helping them do some of the simple things themselves, understand required maintenance needed and know what to look for and ask about when ready to purchase - you become the trusted source. Never be afraid to give your clients too much. They WILL reach a point where they need a professional and YOU will come to mind.

Profit Activator #4: Present Your Unique Service Offer In A Way That Makes It EASY To Get Started.

Don't over complicate offers with lengthy details, multiple layers of options, hoops to jump through, etc. Make it simple and clear. You could offer small introductory packages, one-click scheduling, big bold guarantees... What ever it is you offer, do so with your client in mind - your job is to make their lives easier.

Profit Activator #5: Deliver A "5-Star" Experience To Your Clients.

If you are not certain that sales and service experience that your technicians are delivering out in the field is worthy of a 5-Star's time to get series about a professional sales system that delivers a consistently high standard of service to the clients to work so hard to attain. Sales training is an ongoing process. In our company we train every single week. Many of our clients train 5 days a week. They have created a culture around education and growth. That education results in a quality experience for your clients - Are your competitors doing that? Highly unlikely!

Profit Activator #6: Provide "After" the Sale "5-Star" Experience - Even After You've Been Paid.

This is where you can really set your company apart. In our coaching clubs and our annual Sales And Marketing Intensive (SAMI) we talk a lot about Before, During & After Unit Marketing. After unit marketing is everything you do to show your client how much you appreciate their business and you become a resource for them. For example: we provide monthly Done-For-You client newsletters. Our coaching club members can use them as is by just adding their company information to the template and emailing or mailing them out to clients. It's a simple touch that gives the client useful information and keeps you in their mind.

Follow up calls (Happy calls) are also a simple and critical strategy for providing a 5-Star experience.

Profit Activator #7: Nurture Lifetime Relationships And Focus On The Lifetime Value Of Your Clients.

Let's face it, you work hard to attain new clients. So, don't let them slip away. Know what the lifetime value of your client is and treat them accordingly. Maybe this means, some type of free annual service for your best clients, gifts for large purchases, special offers for loyalty, a call from you and the owner of the business thank them, holiday cards, etc.

Profit Activator #8: Motivate Your Clients To Give You Tons Of Referrals By Taking Every Opportunity To Turn Them Into "Cheerleaders" for Your Company.

The best lead source you find is a happy customer. When you treat your clients right they reward you by talking highly of you and your company. But don't take it for granted - ASK for reviews and referrals. We have created an entire training system on gaining reviews and referrals, it's that important. The key is in the ask. Clients are much more likely to do so when the request if for the technician rather than the company. It might sound like this - "I really appreciate you having us out today to take care of your home. If you're completely satisfied with the job I did you could really help me by providing a review. Good reviews show my boss that I'm doing a good job. "

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