Are You a Thermostat? Or a Tolerator?

There are things happening in your business and personal life right NOW that are not going the way you want. There are people treating you in ways that they should not be treating you. There are others attempting to take advantage of you because you are an achiever and you do what you say you will do. There are clients that are simply wearing you out because you haven’t created enough clarity about exactly who you want to work with.

You are either acting as a thermostat or a tolerator. I realize I’ve created that word, but I believe we need to call this what it is and take personal responsibility for what we tolerate and what we say NOPE, not going to continue to put up with (you fill in the blank).

If you’ve been following us lately you know I’ve been on a personal rampage to create synergy and alignment in all things I do both personally and professionally. Though I began this particular cleanse of nonsense about a year ago, it took some time for certain things to show up and be brought to my attention that didn’t make sense. Once I have information, I can then make powerful and progressive decisions in order to create a new reality rather than continuing to tolerate mediocrity.

This is not a new topic and I’ve both blogged and shot video about this issue of toleration and business owners, but I want you to think about your business RIGHT NOW. Think about your operation and how it’s structured today. Think about your personal schedule, how a normal week plays out for you. How much fun are you having? Is business a struggle? Do you dread going to the office every day? Is your cash flow where you want it as you continue to make strong decisions to keep progressing every single day?

Based on your own answers to those questions, I beg you to look at what you’re tolerating on a daily basis. You can become a business thermostat! This is when you make a conscious choice and you set the desired temperature (goal) and then the system works in order to deliver the correct levels of comfort, just like an HVAC system.

Most people that join our coaching clubs do so for two simple reasons and they BOTH have to with thermostats and tolerators. One type of client is sick and tired of being sick and tired. Cash flow, sales, marketing, team members, training, etc. It’s been too hard for too long and they are finally ready to stop tolerating the chaos they have created as a business and reach out for proven help.

The second type are the clients that are clear thermostats that just want to have the best information from everywhere to keep learning, growing, and advancing. They’re already successful and they want to make sure they keep growing and finding quality information regarding leadership, marketing and sales techniques to smash the competition.

Regardless of where you are today, please take a few minutes right now and think about your levels of toleration. You could be living with and accepting a level of pain that is NOT necessary for you to continue.

First you must become aware and that’s what I’m helping you do. Second, you need to BELIEVE that you actually can create the necessary changes. Lastly, you simply start implementing one task at a time, one project at a time, and your new reality begins taking shape.

What got you here will not get you where you want to go. Time for some change!


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