Don't Suck! At What Really Matters

I’m chilling with my friend and business partner at a little place called Crescent Bar in Central Washington this week. He’s got this place dialed in to perfection. Perfect condo setup, perfect boat setup, as well as perfect water sports equipment.

Late yesterday afternoon we decided to hit the water for some fun, relaxation and possible water ski time. He skied first, popped right out of the water, shredded some wakes, and coasted into shore gracefully as he let go of the tow rope at the perfect time.

Then it was his youngest daughter’s turn. She popped right out of the water, shredded some more wakes, and made it look like she was born on a slalom water ski!

Then, it’s MY turn. I have been up on a ski one time many years ago with a good buddy and client when we did a Lake Powell houseboat trip. And that was many years ago…

I strap into this professional style ski (which I should have had a novice only ski) get off the boat, get staged and ready. I yell at the top of my lungs, “HIT IT”…and before I know it I’m snapped face first into the water, gaining 20 pounds in 5 seconds from all the water I ingest because I don’t let go of the tow rope. I’m dragged like this for what felt like two football fields but the reality is the entire mess only lasted a few seconds.

I finally let go of the rope and come up gasping, hacking, coughing, spitting up water and somewhat disoriented. In fact, it reminds me of WAY too many contractors and how they feel on a weekly basis in their businesses.

As I hear the boat circling back around “to give me another chance” I realize, WOW, I really suck at this.

Then I ponder later in the evening…does it matter? Is it really important? For me personally at this stage in my life, then answer is whole heartedly no. If it was important enough for me, yes, I could put in the time and practice and get really good, there’s no doubt in my mind. That being said, with the lovely Christy and my travel schedule, our hobbies we already have, we haven’t made water ski expertise a top priority.

Water skiing? It’s just a HOBBY…

…but is your business just a hobby too?

What about other parts of your life? Where do you suck and it truly is important to you? It’s very important to me to be a great husband, a great business leader, a great business partner, a consultant and trainer. All of those areas of importance are validated in different ways from the market, the contentment, the passion, and of course, the awards.

I see TOO many contractors that are really good at some things that simply don’t matter that much! They have a blocker when it comes to priorities, focus, and what tasks really makes a difference. Some focus on sales too much. Others enjoy the marketing process but suck at the sales process. Some others see their team members as commodities and not highly valued people that desire and deserve growth. And then of course the seminar junkies that go to event after event year after year and remain stuck with a company that under performs because they haven’t done the necessary work on themselves.

I challenge you to decide what really matters in your business and life, get focused, implement the tasks you know you need to and watch your profits, your fun, and your personal contentment continue to soar.


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