Alter Your Approach But Never Give Up

Last week I talked to you about not sucking at what really matters most in your life and business. I shared with you some of the challenges I had since I sucked at waterskiing while on vacation at Crescent Bar in Washington State. Well…here’s a quick update with a lesson we all need to hear sometimes, myself included.

I really wanted to ride on top of the water last week because it’s something new to me and my friends we were with were making it look really easy and fun. Fact is, as Tony Robbins says, “Repetition is the mother of all skill” and they have many years on the water playing, learning, falling and winning. Since it was a priority for me to be able to ride on the water in some capacity, I made a decision to alter my approach but not give up on my overall goal.

At the end of the day it didn’t matter to me that much what type of tool I used to ride atop the water, I just wanted to do it and prove to myself I could do it in some fashion. The day after I got my butt kicked on the water ski, my buddy suggested that I try the wakeboard.

As we got out past the marina it was a crystal clear morning and the water was in pristine condition for me to accomplish my goal. I wasn’t ready yet as it was first thing in the morning, the weather and water hadn’t warmed up too much yet, and I hadn’t even had a “confidence beer”, ha! Nonetheless, my buddy stops the boat, looks at me and says, “You ready brother?!?!?”

I really wasn’t ready but I had a mental goal that needed to be addressed. Therefore I strapped on the wakeboard, fell off in the water like an anchor for the boat, gasped for air because the water temperature shocked me, but next thing I know, I’m ready to do this.

I got up and slammed into the water my first two tries. I decided I would try 5 times before calling a time out to regroup, but I was able to get up and ride on my 3rd attempt. I actually rode for quite a good stretch before that face plant that will send me back to the Chiropractor this week. The following day I got up on my first try and never even wiped out.

This is NOT about water sports!

This is about making a decision about what truly matters and is important as an END goal. Then alter and refine your approach to accomplish that goal you have set. There are many ways to accomplish your goals in life and business. Approach matters. Commitment matters. The “why” matters.

Next time you’re getting “slammed into the water because you suck”, take a look at altering your approach and tools slightly, and don’t give up on things that are important to you.

Have a better than fantastic day!


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