Year End Action Plan - It's NOT What You Think

As you are very clear about, our wonderful Christmas holiday is but only a few days away. As we continue to strive to be our very best in 2015, make the most out of opportunities that we’ve let slip, look to patch team member relationships that need attention, and most of all…have our companies positioned for the best year we’ve ever had in 2016…

…Sound as lame as it normally does from all the same chatter you hear? Yes, you could be spot on because this is ALL the same messaging we’re hearing from everyone when it comes to this time of year.

Stop the madness and let’s get real, right now, 24 days before my Mom has her 72nd birthday on Christmas day…

This is NOT just another year. I want you to begin to think differently about what this last month of 2015 really means to you. Perhaps you’ve had a terrific year this year (as a lot of our clients have) or perhaps it’s been a bit of a struggle (as it has been for way too many contractors in our space).

Regardless, this is December 1, 2015. You have one month left in this year.

What are you going to do?

I have three questions to help you arrive at a quality answer just for you.

How do I feel about where I am, RIGHT NOW in this business? – Most of us feel a challenge when it comes to C.H.A.N.G.E. even though we are thought leaders in this great industry. If you’re frustrated with your results, we must look at further questions, but I’m NOT about to preach to you about having your best December ever if you’re really not feeling great about where you are and what you’re creating. You need to do serious inventory when it comes to if you are doing what really drives you and can improve your team member’s and client’s lives.

Do I want to feel the same way 12 months from today? – One of the biggest challenges we have as contractors is our hard headed, we’ll figure it out no matter what mindset. I want you to think about your business today while you inquire about the original reason you got into this business. Why you put the blood, sweat, and tears into this “baby” of yours and yet…you are getting a certain return on your investments…do you want it to be the same, better, different, or completely different next year?

Do I need to C.H.A.N.G.E. direction and create a company that really makes sense to me and my higher purpose? – This is a question that I’ve answered multiple times and multiple stages in my own service company. I had to recognize what I’m really good at, set others free with what they are really good at, and find an awesome balance to bring them altogether. For me, this meant a lot of things over the years, but none more important that positioning myself to best help my team grow (even if they don’t receive the gift).

Leadership is all about vision, action, and spirit, just as my mentor Michael Gerber used to preach to us in Petaluma, California. This is a true fact, and I’m more concerned with you finding your “True North” (no not the Kardashian kid), but what really drives you. I know I can help you if you have fire, if you have desire, and if you want a better reality. I know it’s not common to think about December in these terms of completely challenging our limiting mindset, but my JOB is to make sure your December 1st next year is progressing toward exactly how you want it to be.


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