Holidays and Sanity?

Here we are a few days before Christmas already. I remember early this year when someone posted on Facebook, “Only six months until Christmas!” That seemed so far away. Regardless of what your plans are for the holidays over the next couple of weeks, I wanted to take a moment and just remind you of the power and control you have within you to make this season the best you’ve ever had.

Many people end up very stressed during the holiday seasons, and this is largely due to how much of our lives we live unconsciously. Most of the time I create this blog with leadership, marketing, and sales strategies and ideas, but today I want to challenge you as a person and how you operate as the conscious creator of your life.

The first thing to always remember is you must take responsibility. This is true in leadership as you know, but sometimes we can get caught up in the fact that society largely believes that our lives are happening to us, rather than happening through us. If you don’t take responsibility for what’s happening in your life, both good and bad, then you become powerless to improve your situation. If you feel powerless, you won’t have a plan and you’ll be distracted bouncing from one thing to the next. As it’s been said before, if you don’t have your own plan then you are sure to fit into someone else’s plan.

This holiday week, let’s focus on remaining in control of our situation, emotions, and outcomes by applying some simple strategies we probably already know of, but have perhaps let slip away. When you think about the holiday activities you have in the next couple of weeks,set your intention for the outcome you desire for the days ahead. No different than business planning or utilizing clarity of direction for your business life, you must set a conscious intention for your time. Decide that you are going to feel good, give love, and enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

The second strategy for keeping your sanity this time of year is something we teach sales technicians as part of the Ultimate Client Experience Service Call and that is to slow down. Sometimes it feels like somebody hit the fast forward button on life this time of year. One day flies by and turns into the next and into the next and before you know it, 2016 is here and the holiday season is nothing but a memory. Let’s gain control of the speed of time. The best way to slow down is get out of your head and into conscious awareness. Notice your breath, notice your fingers, pay attention to the birds, the mountains, the ocean, the city, or whatever your specific situation calls for. Only when we slow down and get present are we able to fully enjoy any experience we’re having.

Last and perhaps one of the most important things I encourage you to remember this year is don’t take things personally. People can act crazy this time of year. Family can judge us and make comments that don’t sit well with us. If someone does something or says something that upsets you, don’t take it personally. Their perspective does not mean it is truth, it means it is their current truth from their lens of life. Let it be, recognize that everyone is doing their very best in this life with the information they have, the belief systems they’ve adopted, and the experiences they’ve had.

Be grateful. If you’re alive to witness this holiday season, you have a lot to be grateful for. If you live in the States, Canada, or Australia, you have freedom of choice in what you believe and what you celebrate. Don’t lose sight of how great you’ve got it just because you desire more. Grateful, never satisfied.

Happy Holidays my friend. Enjoy every minute of it.


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